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Getting ready for my first real game of AOS with my Stormcasts, likely will be 1250 versus Nurgle. I played against Nurgle with my Khorne army and got slaughtered, so I'm approaching my next game based on some of those lessons learned, which include:

- The Great Unclean One is super nasty, much worse in AOS than in 40k. It was able to tank quite a bit of my Khorne army, including my Bloodthirster. Tough, heals, and spells. Ouch.
- Nurgle is faster than it looks. My Skullcannon ended up suffering from a first turn charge by some Nurglings, and spent most of the game being chased around instead of shooting at his GUO.

I don't have any Big Nasties for my Stormcasts yet, but I do have a decent selection of models (not all finished yet) pulled from the original starter box, Soul Wars, and a few individual purchases.

Here is the initial list I am considering:
Army: Stormcasts
Stormhost: Hallowed Knights
Realm: Ghyran
Points: 1260

Lord Arcanum on Griffcharger (General, Parchment of Purity, Martyr's Strength, Aetheral Stalker, Chain Lightning)
Lord Relictor (Translocation)
Knight Incantor (Starfall)
Knight Incantor (Stormcaller)
Sequitors x 5 (Maces and Shields, 1 Maul)
Sequitors x 5 (Maces and Shields, 1 Maul)
Evocators x 5 (Staves and Swords, Celestial Blades)
Castigators x 3
Cellestar Ballista
Endless Spell: Quicksilver Swords

I pained my army as Hallowed Knights because I like the color scheme, but I'm frustrated by Only the Faithful also blocking my own spells. Seems like a huge problem for a Sacrosant focused army as I run the risk of my Empowers and other support spells failing. Still, between that, my 3 wizards, and the 2 voidstorm scrolls, I think I can shut down most of the enemy casting which should help quite a bit. I will try to nuke his Blight Drones with my casting and spells as they are fast and quite nasty. After that, I intend to focus on his GUO, but I don't want to waste attacks on it that will be healed unless I am confident I can kill it. Might look at using Scions of the Storm and other abilities to get some of my guys behind his lines to try to kill his Herald and other support characters. Main worry is not being able to counter the GUO and being outnumbered and overhwelmed by his Poxwalkers, mortals, and Nurglings, augmented with summoned units.

Any thoughts on the list, and fighting Nurgle? I could potentially swap in Liberators, Prosecutors, Retributors, etc.


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Boosting Black Templar Biker

You really should bring more greatmaces on those Sequitors, they're 2/5 plus one on each prime. I also think two Incantors is a bit much unless you're certain you need those two guaranteed unbinds another 5 Sequitors would be more useful. I would also advice against starfall, it has a really low chance of actually doing damage. Rather pick thundershock, at least if it works you get added survivability.
Don't forget to use those spiritflasks, they can be super useful, if you can get a character in between 2-3 enemy units or if you can surround, say, a GUO with two characters without them impacting each other for guaranteed mortal wounds. Also use the Incantors freely as the LA can help them back up.
That's all so far, i really like the castigators vs daemons

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