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Doylestown, PA

Wording I guess is what is confusing me.

For the Chaos Marauders it only has 2 weapons listed, Axes or Flails, with some units carrying shields.

as I am trying to build what you see, they have the Champion with a sword and the standard with a knife in the picture which arent weapons listed, most likely something from past editions?
There isnt a flail for the left arm, but there are axes for the left arm in the box

So if I build a unit of 10 with flails and shields, when attacking if all are available to attack, it would be with 10 flails even though the champion, musician and standard dont have flails ?

Chieftain - the leader in this unit is a chieftain. - clearly means one.
Icon Bearer - Model(S) in this unit can be icon bearer(S) Icon Bearer(S) bear either a Damned Icon or a tribal banner.
Having the S on models & Icon Bearer makes it sound like you can have more then one in the unit. are the weapons being given up for being a standard ?

Drummers - Makes it sound like you can have any number of drummers, but the wording of - if the unit includes any drummers, you only get a +1, (not a +1 for ever drummer.)

The Chaos warriors have listed 3 weapon types but only hand weapons are in the box ? where do you get halberds or greatblades ?

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Command models don't need to be armed the same way as the rest of the unit. And if the warscroll says so, you can take as many standard bearers or musicians as you like, but their effects aren't normally cumulative, and box sets only generally come with parts to make one each.

As for Chaos Warriors' other options: some of those are legacy rules for older models or conversion kits. The box now only has the options for hand weapon(s) and shields.
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Rotting Sorcerer of Nurgle

GW still sells the Halberd & Great Weapon conversion kits as direct only, last I checked at least. People usually convert halberds using chaos knight lances.

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Crazed Spirit of the Defiler

A similar modeling problem arises in many kits. The Bullgors have this issue, so one must improvise and kitbash a bit, making a drum being held by a third arm sticking out the back (mutation for Chaos is a happy gift!) being struck by the back end of a great axe....for example.

Easy fix for Icons if you want the model to be holding a flail is mount it to his back, third arm or just like a backpack with a stick like a samurai might have. A drummer could certainly still play it with flail though.

Made in us
Been Around the Block

Doylestown, PA

thanks all.

AoS - Chaos 20538+, Skaven 8110+, Grots 15496+
40K - Chaos 21529+
Trading Thread - https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/733568.page#9552688 
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