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Made in us
Stalwart Tribune

So I'm finally getting back to my Tau compatible bits and I figured you folks over here on Dakka would like to see the fruits of my labor.

I'll get around to posting pictures of the pieces in the design program so you folks can get a better look at the detail since I'm stuck taking photos with a potato.

Here we have the PAC (particle accelerator cannon) with Micro missiles!

Next we have the alternate shoulder VLRS conformal missile pods along with a size test of a new railgun project for those who wanted a standard style opposed to the particle cannons.

Lastly we have a display of the Mag Rifle and the rotary blaster!

Basic descriptions:

The PAC's are designed as a high energy fire support weapon mounted on heavy support units.
The micro missiles and conformal missile pods make good replacements for medium strength low AP high rate of fire missile units.
The Large rail gun is well a nice big rail gun...
The Mag Rifle is a good replacement for medium to high strength high AP rapid fire weapons.
And the rotary blaster is a nice short range high rate of fire weapon.

The arms are 3 pieces and are fully posable and the hands have been adjusted so that you can see the fingers better and will have the slot on the side for side mounting for the next printing.

The shoulders in all pictures are only snugly fit on as is the shoulder armor on top. the elbows fit securely without glue at first but I will be increasing the tolerance on the humerus rotation (bit between arm and shoulder) as it's kinda hard to fit it in there which will mean it will need glue immediately.

I'm tweaking the manifolds a bit so they fit a bit better so look forward to that.

The conformal missile pods and PAC's are having their detail made clearer and thicker to increase visibility.

I'm going to update the shapeways store soon I promise. I'm also going to set it up so that PAC's and arms are sold in bundled pairs to keep them cheap, price per part is junk and who's gonna buy 1 arm or 1/2 of whats needed to customize an 88.

Questions? Comments? Critiques? Who want's to see more of what?

Made in us
Stalwart Tribune

New designs

First we have the finished old ion repeater.

Next we have the new L model

I've just found some templates I can use for shoulder pads, so I might offer a different style of shoulder or maybe shoulder pads that fit right over standard and my shoulders.

Next post I'll probably port over some of the older finished stuff, then again you guys have already seen the prototypes.

Comment, critique, requests?

Editing: for 3rd design as a median style between the two. S model

Comparison shots,

Think I'm done finally.

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