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Is there any rule for official competitions or GW in general that prevents me using Fenrisian wolves in the place of Frost Sabres? (I would make sure they were based correctly of course).

Thinking about starting a beastclaw raiders army but am put off a little by the quality of the models.

I suppose the same question for the yhetees (Can't think of a GW standin though).

Many thanks,
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Fixture of Dakka

In general you should be fine for casual games as long as the models are roughly the same size and base. For competitions you'd be best just asking the organisers.

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From the Age of Sigmar Core Rules Designers' Commentary:

Q: Is it okay to use ‘proxy’ models to stand in for models that I do not have but want to use in a game? For example, using a Slaughterpriest model to represent a Bloodsecrator, or using Stormcast Eternals models painted in the colours of the Hammers of Sigmar to represent Stormcast Eternals from a different warrior chamber?

A: The use of proxy models is generally frowned upon, because doing so can confuse the other players (and sometimes even yourself), and because it spoils the spectacle and aesthetic of the game. Because of this, you can only use proxy models if you’ve gained your opponent’s permission to do so before the game begins.

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Thanks for the answer; just what I wanted to be honest.
I can't see anyone having a problem or being confused by fenrisian wolves in the place of Frost Sabres
I am sure I can construct a convincing enough narrative reason they are wolves rather than Sabres haha.
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Crazed Spirit of the Defiler

Frost Sabres are felines. They could be offended and get +1 to hit against your Frost Canines. Or run away on a 4+.
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