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Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User


I would appreciate any pointers or opinions on the following.
I have been given a handful of old SC/E models including the following:

3 castigators
6 prosecutors with tridents
6 prosecutors with hammers
1 castellant with gryph hound
2 knight incantors
5 evocators
1 lord veritent with gryph hound

With the addition of other models could I forge any sort of semi-competitive list from what I already have? I am worried the collection is a little eclectic at the moment but don't really want to leave anything out haha.

Thanks in advance,
Made in de
Boosting Black Templar Biker

You don't have a single battleline there, you need either Liberators, Judicators, Lord Arcanum and Sequitors or Lord Aquillor and Vanguard Hunters (out of those the Sequitors are boss imo). 2 battleline are mandatory at 1k points, 3 above that.
Castigators and Hammer-Prosecutors are considered subpar at large, Javelin-Prosecutors seem solid and useful (all lovely models though, if you don't wanna win tourneys). Everything else you've got there is usable, Evocators are plain brutal. Hope that helps

Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

Ahh thanks
Will get some sequitors (they look amazing).
Made in us
Excellent Exalted Champion of Chaos

Sequitors are right now until they jack up their points the obvious pathway.

GW points don't bring balance. They exist purely for structure. You can get more balance from no points than you do from GW points. You however can get no structure in your game without points. 
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