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Made in de
Fresh-Faced New User

Hi all,
Welcome to my (side) project: Forces of Nature in a WoW Zangarmash inspired theme. Also tried for the first time to model a whole unit out of wire, hotglue, milliput and GS.
Still a small army, but hope to continue working on them soon!
Hope you like it!
[Thumb - 25.jpg]
the army so far

[Thumb - 26.jpg]
gnome on a frog... counts as... winged unicorn

[Thumb - 27.jpg]

[Thumb - 28.jpg]
mushroom men by Bog's Minis (small kickstarter from the states, 3d printed)

[Thumb - 29.jpg]
attempt to build water elementals from scratch

[Thumb - 30.jpg]

[Thumb - 31.jpg]

[Thumb - 32.jpg]

[Thumb - 33.jpg]

[Thumb - 37.jpg]
added colour

Made in no
Boom! Leman Russ Commander

Oslo Norway

Those water elementals look super creepy, love the eyes! The combination of colors in this army are just fantastic as well.

Made in de
Fresh-Faced New User

thanks! finished the water elementals today
[Thumb - 38.jpg]

[Thumb - 39.jpg]

[Thumb - 40.jpg]

Made in ca
Stoic Grail Knight

drinking tea in the snow

Those are amazing!

realism is a lie
Made in de
Fresh-Faced New User

thanks all from scratch btw (first real approach) - except the horns

Made in us
Enigmatic Exalted Daemon

Albany, NY

Great to see the swamp elementals finished up, great stuff

Made in de
Fresh-Faced New User

Thanks! And the next unit: My Interpretation of Agnih-Bhanu, greater fire elemental. Moose horns still missing. Started modelling yesterday - made from milliput and cork
[Thumb - 41.jpg]

[Thumb - 42.jpg]

[Thumb - 43.jpg]

Made in us
Tail-spinning Tomb Blade Pilot

Very good! The elementals' eyes are grand.

Kings of War: Abyssal Dwarves, Dwarves, Elves, Undead
Kings of War Historical: Macedonian
Dropzone Commander: PHR
Blood Angels Necron [WiP]

Made in au
Fickle Fury of Chaos


Lighting effects and sculpting looking fantastic mate. I love your owl bear too - I’ve looked far and wide for a wow-style model, haven’t found one yet, but love your take. Can’t wait to see more!

The Alien. The Other. The Inconceivable. The Eldritch Abomination is a type of creature defined by its disregard for the natural laws of the universe as we understand them. They are grotesque mockeries of reality beyond comprehension whose disturbing otherness cannot be encompassed in any mortal tongue.

- TvTropes, Eldritch Abomination

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Tzeentch daemons blog: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/767280.page 
Made in de
Fresh-Faced New User

Thanks guys! The owl bear model is from Reaper Miniatures

Made in gb
Stalwart Veteran Guard Sergeant

United Kingdom

That there is some great OSL coming from the eyes. Really digging how it makes them look more malevolent.

Certainly looks like a swamp i wouldn't be hurrying into any time soon.

Looking forward to seeing more.

Consider be Sub'd

Made in de
Fresh-Faced New User

Thanks! And added some moose antlers to the greater elemental
[Thumb - 44.jpg]

[Thumb - 45.jpg]

[Thumb - 46.jpg]

[Thumb - 47.jpg]

[Thumb - 48.jpg]

Made in us
Courageous Questing Knight

Absolutely nuts as always. Best Kings of War armies on the net!

Made in ca
Stoic Grail Knight

drinking tea in the snow

Alas! the poor moose. But the antlers went to a good cause, that thing is wonderfully creepy.

realism is a lie
Made in de
Been Around the Block

What an original theme, love it!
Made in de
Fresh-Faced New User

Thanks for the kind words! Today some colour themed dice arrived - Chessex Translucent Teal/White and Chessex Frosted Teal/white
[Thumb - 49.jpg]

Made in us
Enigmatic Exalted Daemon

Albany, NY

Your Agnih-Bhanu is great, particularly with the antlers (sorry moosey). Some serious OSL going down too

Lovely dice, further adds to that delicious tone control of the army - and pretty much all of your armies, I'm pretty sure

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Made in ca
Stoic Grail Knight

drinking tea in the snow

Dice! They look surprisingly tasty.

I may be a little too hungry

realism is a lie
Made in us
Maddening Mutant Boss of Chaos


This project (I mean the entire thread, really) is inspired!! I love the character you bring to life in the "army": its warmth, humor, weirdness, mystery, menace -- all of it. Superb sculpting, striking colors, atmospheric painting.... Most of all love your distinctive take on this. Thanks for sharing!

Made in jp
Incorporating Wet-Blending


Wow. This army is stunning across the board. I can't believe the elementals are scratch-built.

Now showing plastic wizards for Frostgrave!

Painting total as of 4/23/2019: 46 plus a wooden bridge and gnoll encampment and 28 pieces of Mantic scatter terrain and three fly holes and a house.

Painting total as of 12/31/2018: 220 plus three sets of Osgiliath ruins and Great Cthulhu and a Japanese peasant farmhouse and a rice paddy and a whole bunch of resin Frostgrave terrain.
Made in de
Fresh-Faced New User

Thanks for your kind words! Here is a small video of the army - added some woodland critters (jellimentals) and forest warden


Made in de
Fresh-Faced New User

Newest additions: Woodland Critters & Forest Warden
[Thumb - 50.jpg]

[Thumb - 51.jpg]

[Thumb - 52.jpg]

Made in nz
Villanous Scum

Love your work mate, stunning looking army.

On parle toujours mal quand on n'a rien à dire.
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Made in us
Keeper of the Adeptus Arbites Flame

Arlington, va

That is a really cool, creepy army.

Made in de
Fresh-Faced New User

Thanks! Next will be a 3D printed Mushroom man (2nd horde of Water Elementals). My roommate already printed it, it's huge. Cleaning the 'levels' was a nerve-racking job but it's done now, waiting for the wood glue/water coat to dry (to harden the wood filament). See you soon!


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Made in de
Fresh-Faced New User

Here's a wip of the newest Addition, a Swamp mushroom Alien (Horde of water elementals)
[Thumb - IMG_20190219_000748.jpg]

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