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Dakka Veteran

So ive decided to start up my favourite space marine chapter again, the chapter which got me into 40k over 20 years ago when i saw them in the Rynn`s world battle report against the Orks back in 3rd edition. I instantly loved the colour scheme and of the image of forlorn defenders fighting insurmountable odds. I originally collected Crimson Fists when i was about 15 years old and and managed to actually field fully painted force of them for a few tournaments which i was proud of as a teenager.
I had a long break from the hobby when i went off to join the military but now in the past year ive got back into it in my local area and built up 2k of Deathwatch but i have always had my eye on my first love the Crimson Fists and now ive taken the plunge.

So far ive set aside a few models i had left from Dark Imperium and a couple of marines from the first issue of Conquest to make a killteam, this is also supplemented by a couple of Sniper scouts i fished out from my parents garage! Ive also gone a bit mental and ordered the Imperial Fist supremacy force which ive had my eye on for a while and cant wait to get into them!!

Update as of May 10th 2019


Onto the pics!

Brother Menendez of the 4th Company

Sergeant Sejanus

These boys will face my friends drukhari in a kill team game on Saturday so we shall see how they fare. I'll try to take pictures and get them on here!

For Dorn!!!

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Dakka Veteran

Alright then chaps I've been slowly working on my crimson fists. I've made a decision of the direction I want to go down with the background of the army now and after re reading the novel "Rynns world" I will be building my crimson fists as the 4th company lead by none other than Alessio Cortez himself. The but in Rynns world where he takes on a warboss and then rips his spine out is just too cool.

In terms of Xmas ...well I got a lovely present which I had vindicated buying but luckily it was under the tree for me!

This will obviously be the ideal starting point for my budding force as well as 10 intercessors and 3 hellblasters I had lying around. So the total number of bodies I have ready to paint and build at...
1 primaris captain (which will be converted to be Alessio Cortez)
1 primaris librarian
20 intercessors
8 hellblasters
3 aggressors
1 Redemptorist redemptor dread

So a fairly large force to start off with, this will take me a good few months to get through and in order to get them on the table I'll be fielding then as a second battalion next to my scythes of the emperor.

So here are brother Menendez and my sergeant as part of a combined kill team with a few of my scythes of the emperor. For some reason the crimson fists were continually targeted over the guys with bright yellow armour!!

And finally here I am yesterday back at painting after xmas, hopefully have the first 5 done in a few days!
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Crazy Marauder Horseman


Right I’m a little bit in love with how you’ve used the classic iconic helmet of space marines that we all know and love and combined with the new better proportioned primaris body on this guy. Basically true scale marines we all wanted right?

Ryns world was the first 40k novel I ever read and it’s a bit of the fluff I love coming back to.

Looking great - keep posting.

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Dakka Veteran

Hello once again I've got a small update for my crimson fists as for the first time since before Xmas I managed to get more than an hour to sit down and paint!

@jac_boj thanks for the kind words mate I'm pleased you like them so far!

Here is Brother Galius the latest member of the squad.

Pretty pleased with them so far, like I said I will be drilling barrels once the first 5 marines are fully painted! I haven't really got much else to add apart from a quick WIP pic from the other 2 battle brothers!

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Dakka Veteran

Ok so I've been working away on my crimson fists and managed to get the first 5 intercessors completely done and dusted!! The only things I may add is some more Tufts on the bases and drill the barrels but they are basically finished now and I'm pleased with the results. Here are some pictures.

And a couple more individual pics that haven't already been posted.

Brother Harkus

Brother Velez

So I'm quite pleased at how they've turned out and now the first squad is actually finished I can move onto the main man himself which of course is Alessio Cortez the commander of the 4th company!

For Cortez I used the primaris captain sprue from the Imperial fists set and lopped off his arm to add his power fist (as all true soon of Dorn should have) I also then chopped off the boltgun to add his customary bolt pistol which he so loves! I decided to not put a cloak on him as I don't think it suits his rough and ready aggressive character.

I thought an old marine helmet would be best for him as a touchstone to his roots and I also think the old helmets are very cool.

Hope you enjoy.

Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Right so I've been working away on captain Cortez and I'm pleased to say that he is now finished. Equipped with a power fist and his legendary bolt pistol he had emerged from the Rubicon Primaris to once again lead the 4th company into battle!

Here he is with the first combat team of the company leading the way for those who will shortly follow in his footsteps. Next up I've started building 3 aggressors who will be undercoated and basecoated later on today.

In other news due to GW price hike on paints in to the opportunity to order myself a full range of blue paint and sons khorne red to adjust how I do the crimson parts on the models.

That's all for now chaps I'll be back soon with more crimson goodness.
Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

And so my paint brushes have been in furious action once again as my Imperial fist force box set has been delved into once again. My choice of unit this time was the aggressors. I decided that they would have to be veterans as I wanted to paint booth gauntlets crimson.

After an online re stock of lothern blue I got to work and to be honest I absolutely hated building them and the bolter feeds were a nightmare for me because I very stupidly clipped them all off the sprue without even checking which ones went together! Eventually though I got there and here they are.

Very happy with how they came out actually and next up will be a single inceptor who will bolt into the squad for use in my death watch force so I can use these guys without having to actually finish the entire force off first!

After that I'm thinking of going big... The redemptor!

Here's a quick shot of everyone so far.

Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Update : another upload from me, I have finished the absolutely epic model that is the redemptor dread. I wanted to finish him off for a game that I have tonight at a local club and add him to my force. So here he is!

Brother Amadon of the 4th company was recruited from the world of Badlanding. In the Rynn system the planet was overrun and captured by orks when Waaagh Snagrod hit. after the reclamation of the planet by a combined crimson fist and rynns guard task force several years later work was begun to revitalise the outpost.

Brother Amadon had served in the 4th company for only 50 years after his elevation to a full battle brother when he was struck down by Heretic Astartes. Showing great promise and of a compatibility with the redemptor chassis, brother Amadon was able to continue serving his beloved chapter.
Made in ie
Been Around the Block


Looking good so far. Is that a repose of the easy build redemptor? If so it is really well done, bravo.

Stepping Between Games - www.steppingbetweengames.com 
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Dakka Veteran

 Thousandeyes wrote:
Looking good so far. Is that a repose of the easy build redemptor? If so it is really well done, bravo.

No it's the normal redemptor kit but I did make a few cuts and adjustments to get him into a more punchy pose! Thanks for the his feedback.
Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Very nearly finished my first hellblaster squad, done 4 so far with 1 left to go.

his will take the army up to....

Captain Cortez

5 intercessors

5 hellblaster

3 aggressors

1 inceptor

1 redemptor dread

I'm really happy with the progress since December and have recently just ordered a box of sternguard and will be kitbashing up the remaining 15 or so intercessors to include a squad of counts as sternguard as well as using all the fancy bits to spruce up my other guys and make them have a bit more variety.

In other news as well as the sternguard I have also ordered myself a bit of armoured assistance for the 4th company in the form of a repulsor ! Picked up these bits from FW too do that I can make it look all crimson fisty!

I'm aiming to have 2000 points fully painted up for a tournament at the end of may which I think is pretty easily achieveable at the current rate!
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Dakka Veteran

Hellblasters are now finished here's the pics

So that's another squad added and I'm really cracking through the army now. I would like some feedback on my highlight colours, the aggressors, hellblasters and redemptor have all used lothern blue highlights and the original intercessors were done with the sightly darker teclis blue, which one do you prefer?

Next up will be a Primaris librarian for some psychic support!
Made in nz
Sneaky Kommando

New Zealand

Looking great man! good job on cortez and he is such a great character.

The best gun in the galaxy won't save you If your opponent is bashing your brains out with a rock.

Hey why not check out my Ork blog
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Dakka Veteran

 RobZie wrote:
Looking great man! good job on cortez and he is such a great character.

Thanks mate yeah I absolutely love Cortez he is such a cool character.
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Dakka Veteran

I've been busy painting another squad and a librarian for my Crimson fists and thought I'd be a bit adventurous as go for a squad of veteran intercessors. I kitbashed them with a box of stern guard I bought to make them look unique. Hope you like them.

Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Been a while since my last update and I've been painting and playing quite a lot!

The 3rd and for now final squad of intercessors is done, I will of course add more going forward but I feel 15 is enough for now to fill out my 2k list. So here they are.

I added in a few bits from the sternguard box again to make the sergeant stand out a bit!

I also played a few games and have been slowly getting to grips with 8th. I played a game against a Tau gunline in a killpoint game on plant bowling ball (set up by my opponent) and was smashed, in later found he had a pure netlist (3 Riptide's and 3 broadsides etc) which was nice considering I asked him to help me learn the game....

I had to field a considerable number of my Scythes of the emperor to fill out the force as you can see but I'm slowly passing them out with my sons of dorn!

Here is a new pic of the force so far fully painted and based, 15 intercessors 5 hellblasters 3 aggressors 1 inceptor 2 characters and a redemptor!

I think it's good progress considering I only started them 2 and a half months ago. Next up is my repulsor with forgeworld doors for good measure which I'm really looking forward to painting

Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Progress. Considering I started this army on the 15th of December in quite happy with the way things are going!! In using my infiltrators as counts as intercessors for now until Deathwatch get infiltrators.
Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Up to 2 fully painted in 6 months I'm pretty pleased with that

Made in us
Ultramarine Master with Gauntlets of Macragge

Upstate, New York

Nice lot of “Fists you have there!

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Made in fi
Regular Dakkanaut

Definitely a collection to be proud of! And pretty quick painting too, at least by my standards!

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