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Made in au
Blood Angel Terminator with Lightning Claws

Hey friends, I have a small force of Khorne made up, do you think it’d do alright?

- Lord of Khorne on Jugg (General)
- Bloodsecrator
- Slaughterpriest
- 20x Bloodreavers
- 10x Bloodletters
- 5x Flesh Hounds
- 5x Chaos Knights
- Khorgorath


The theme is around Echkart, the Lord on Jugg, considering himself as a hunter and the enemy his prey. He hunts them relentlessly using Flesh Hounds and Reavers to sniff them out and bring his elite knights with him and beasts he’s dominated like Khorgoraths and such. Sort of going for a more creepy take on a Khorne force rather than berserker, frenzy dudes.

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Made in be
Dakka Veteran

In a casual /narrative environment it should do fine. Since you have a story and all my guess is that is what you are aiming for.
Made in us
Crazed Spirit of the Defiler

Not bad at all. I recommend lances for the Knights for the extra punch on the charge. Juggerlord is good giving 3 mortal Khorne units +1 to wound, so himself, the reavers and the knights. As much as I like Gorecleaver as the lord's relic, the one giving every Khorne unit within 8" rerolling charge range is probably the best route.

Slaugterpriest might be okay, can do some good stuff if lucky on the 50/50 roll. I actually might recommend an Aspiring Deathbringer for another extra attack for the mortals in range. Couple with the Bloodsecrator those reavers will be fearsome indeed, Knights too.
Made in au
Blood Angel Terminator with Lightning Claws

I forgot I posted this and completely disrespected you guys giving me good comments, sorry about that.

Thanks for the advice Malathrim, I'll swap out the priest for a Deathbringer because the extra attack does seem better than the half chance I'll get an ability off with the priest who'll probably get sniped anyway.
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