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Made in us
Thunderhawk Pilot Dropping From Orbit

The wilds of Pennsyltucky

My first list in a long time.....

I don't have list apps so I'll do my best. Be patient.

2 battalions and 1 spearhead...how many command points will that be?

Using salamander rules...I like rerolls.

HQ Captain, bike, thunder hammer
Lieutenant, jump pack, storm shield, teeth of terra
5 x scouts w/ cam and sniper
5 x scouts with ml
5 x intercessors with stalker bolt rifles
Xiphon interceptor

Battalion 2
Librarian, jump pack
tech marine, servo arm, chain sword (b/c of points), bolt pistol
5 x intercessors w/stalker bolt rifles
5 x tac marines plasma gun
5 x tac marines plasma gun
Dedicated Transport
Razor back w/ twin las cannon
Razor back w/ twin las cannon

tech marine, servo arm, chain sword (b/c of points), bolt pistol
Leviathan w/ 2xstorm cannon 2xHF
Leviathan w/ storm cannon, 2x HF, CCW, Meltagun

Thoughts? I am concerned about AT. 1 x ML, 4 X TL Las cannons. storm cannons are fine for t7 vehicles. I'd love to find the points for a grav flux or the cyclonic melta lance (love the forge world bit for both).

thanks for any advice you can offer.


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