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Made in cn
Been Around the Block

So I want to make a start on my GSC kits I've had lying around but for the first time every i want to buy bases instead of make them.

My question is that the Neophyte Hybrids come with 25mm bases but looking on gw's site if you buy the Neophyte and Acolyte "bundle" it comes with 15 32mm bases .. So does that mean you can use either or is this an error?

I only ask because buying bases 32mm 25mm are separate boxes and they aren't that cheap. If I can get away with only needing 32s it'll be a bit cheaper and possibly look better?
Made in ie
Regular Dakkanaut

The mining laser/seismic drill guys are on 32mm
Made in cn
Been Around the Block

Yeah I know the heavy weapons go on 32s and I'm sure the rest need to be on 25s.. It's just that bundle that has thrown me off because it doesn't supply 25s from the description
Made in us
Contagious Dreadnought of Nurgle

I think it comes with ten 25mm bases and two 32mm bases. The 25mm bases are definitely included, must be a mistake in the item description on the web store.

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