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Made in us
Torture Victim in the Bowels of the Rock

So, I have no idea if this list is actually good or if it just sounds cool to me, but I thought I would post it here and find out. The idea behind it is that Moloc and the Minotaurs (Vanguard Vets and Reivers) drop down in turn two and start wreaking havoc and locking things into melee. Sisters in their Repulsors handle any anti-tank duties, while the Deathwatch handle infantry with their stormbolters. Only thing i havent decided yet is the warlord

Minotaurs Vanguard Detatchment

Asterion Moloc (200 points)
1 Reiver squad (basic 4 and sarge with grav chutes) 100 Points
2 Vanguard Veteran Squads (Storm Shields, Power Lances, Jump Packs) 240 Points

Sororitas Outrider Detatchment (Ebon Chalice)
Basic Cannoness (45 Points)
3 Dominion squads (4 melta, simulacrum, basic superior) 378 Points
3 Repulsors with extra storm bolter (327 points)

Deathwatch Battalion
Librarian with Jump Pack (120 points)
Watch Master (130 points)
2 units of veterans (5 vets with StormShield/StormBolter, black shield and sarge with Thunder hammer/stormshield) 332 points
1 Unit Intercessors (5 stalker bolt rifle, 1 aggressor) 458 points

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