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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Total Command Points: 10

Super Heavy Detachment (Chaos, Heretic Astartes)

Mortarion (470)
Magnus the Red (445)
Kytan Ravager (410)

Chaos Daemons Brigade Detachment (Chaos, Chaos Daemons)

Kairos Fateweaver (285)
Herald of Slaanesh (Symphony of Pain, Forbidden Gem Relic) (60)

Nurglings (54)
Nurglings (54)
Nurglings (54)

Aux Support Detachment (Chaos, Thousand Sons)

Ahriman on Disc of Tzeentch.

Total: 1998 pts

Variation on bash brothers, but I think it might be one of the stronger versions. Opponent probably has to kill Mortarian if they have Turn 1, in which case the Kytan gets to charge mostly anything it wants. Ahriman is there for redundancy in case they kill Magnus first. Kairos will be very difficult for them to kill by turn 3-4 when they could get around to it because it's likely all of their threats to that level of of resilience will be gone by then. I really wish I could have a poxbringer instead of the Herald of Slaanesh to support mortarion, but there really is just no room to shift anything for him.

What do you guys think? Decently competitive? Who should be warlord?
Made in gb
Crazed Spirit of the Defiler


It's a table or lose list as you won't be able to score many objectives as your units are too expensive to hold back on objectives.

Problem is that with CA 18 tabelling is not a auto win anymore so you'll have to score enough points (prob on turn 5,6,7) to catch up which is usually not possible.

You could maybe make it work if you dropped some of the big stuff and had a second battalion with t sons or deathguad.
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