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Made in us
Small Wyrm of Slaanesh

Does anyone know where to find more information on what exactly all the terrain is and how its used in the 40k universe. I would love to find out some more info about how each of these things is used. Any info on Promethium, Ferratonics, or WTF a Haemotrope Reactor is would be cool.

Made in us
Land Raider Pilot on Cruise Control

Across the Rubicon

The Kill Team Killzone boxed sets come with a multi-page booklet concerning the terrain in the box. I only skimmed over mine, but what I remember was they were written in a way to invoke the a mind's eye way to view the terrain and the battles that happen in and around them. I can't remember them going into too much detail of the specifics of them though.

Made in us
Small Wyrm of Slaanesh

It is something to look into. So thank you much for the reply. I will try to find a copy of it since I don't really intend on buying the kill zone stuff specifically.

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