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Biggest 40k model ever?( emporer of man ) Italy parade.  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Pretty amazing and funny and AWESOME! that this parade is using the emperor of man for 40k( excluding the face of course just ignore that ).
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7K0e4EmaZw - around 0:20 it appears


Edit - I often wondered what it would be like to build life size 40k models, but this is taking it to another level if this is what i think it is ( im noob ).

Edit - Changed title because i'm 100% sure this is emperor of mans Armour.

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This is how aliens communicate in space.
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Oh look, it's that Donald Trump thing again.

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Yeah, we're that awesome.

Also, I laughed hard at the Ultramarine guys.


A source from our own TV (via a foreign youtube, but that's how I found out about it)
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Yeah, I think that locking the other thread was the right thing to do. And I'd support the same for this one.
Impressive construction (seems more appropriate than modelling!), but anything Trump is a bit too politically charged, even with OP's warning IMO.

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While this is quite a fascinating topic, and absolutely deserves to be discussed, unfortunately the current political climate means that anything even remotely related to Trump is an incredibly hot-button issue that results in way, way too much effort on the part of our moderation team to keep a thread like this even just barely civil.

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