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This is a throwback list to an earlier edition, and I'm thinking of taking it this weekend to a RTT. What do you all think?

Vanguard Detachment
Fluxmaster w/Flickering Flames
9 Flamers
9 Flamers
9 Flamers

Vanguard Detachment
Fluxmaster w/Flickering Flames
1 Exalted Flamer
1 Exalted Flamer
1 Exalted Flamer

Vanguard Detachment
Daemon Prince w/wings, warpflame sword, warp bolter, Endless Grimoire, Ephemeral Form
9 Screamers
9 Screamers
9 Screamers

This is a 'rush up and in your face' army. The slowest moving unit is 10", and the majority move 12" - 16". The entire army can FLY.
This speed is essential, as the army has no long ranged weapons.

There are a 60 models in the army, all with a 4++. There are a total of 136 wounds total -- slightly above the MEQ army, but far fewer than an ork or guard army.
The army is weak to massive small arms fire. As every model has 2-8 wounds, it's also weak to armies with lots of D2 weapons.
In terms of durability, it's no Nurgle force.

The army has a total of 3 psykers. While not overwhelming, it does gives 3 chances to deny a round.

Unit Roles
The flamers can have 27d6 automatic hits. (94.5 on average) With the fluxmaster nearby, they are STR 5 hits, AP-1 hits. To put that into perspective, that's the same as 141 shots form a 3+ BS weapon. A unit buffed by flickering flames will wound T4 on a 2+. Since the flamers can FLY they don't have to be worried about getting tied into assault (not that that's a problem anyway, few units want to charge a wall of flamers) . Since their weapons are pistols, they could even engage an enemy unit in assault (2 attacks per model, 5+ WS, STR 4) just to tie up the enemy model, and then shoot the pistol in the shooting phase.

The exalted flamers are extra firepower (and a cheap way to fill another vanguard). Their blue fire is STR 9 (10 if near fluxmaster) and is decent. The gun has a great AP, but only does ~2 damage per hit. They won't break the bank, but for 210 points, getting 9 shots per round with them is not bad. They can also fire their pink fire when close to get another 3d6 (9.5 hits) on enemy units, with a -2 AP.

The screamers and DP are the assault element.
The DP has the endless grimoire, giving it two powers. I am thinking Gaze of Fate and Boon of Change. Boon can be used on the screamers. Gaze can be used when there are no enemies close. The DP is also the warlord, and I'm looking at Incorporeal Form. I tend to get hit a lot by D2 weapons, and that doubles the survivability. Daemonspark with the flamers is another very solid choice I might go with.

The screamers have 81 STR 6 (7 with herald) attacks that are AP -3 and D2. That's pretty solid against most targets. The slashing attack can be used before assaulting, and if all 27 screamers can slash, that's an extra 4.5 mortal wounds. That won't happen on a regular basis, but it's gravy when it does. The DP will help increase the hits from this, as the 4+ WS is not the best, increasing the average total hits to ~47. These are not designed to clear horde units (that's what the flamers are for). Instead they are designed to kill heavier targets.

List Two

Battalion Detachment of Nurgle
Daemon Prince of Chaos w/Dual Talons and Wings
GUO w/Bilesword and BileBlade
7 Nurglings
29 Plaguebearers with Instrument
30 Plaguebearers with Instrument

Spearhead Detachment of Khorne
Daemon Prince with Hellforged Sword and Wings
Soul Grinder
Soul Grinder
Soul Grinder

This is a yolo list. It's a pure 'rush and charge' list. The only unit that will objective camp are the nurglings.

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Made in us
Journeyman Inquisitor with Visions of the Warp


I think you'll have more fun with the Tzeentch. Consider swapping the Chaos Prince for a TSons Prince. You can use the TZEENTCH keyword for it to be a legal detachment. You'll get two casts instead of 1, and there are definitely better powers that you can access with that guy.

Since you're not giving him the Robes, you're really only gaining, and losing nothing. You can still make him your WL for a 3++, which IMO is better than the -1D trait.

The Nurgle/Khorne list is lacking some key elements for it to really work, like supporting Plaguebearer characters. At the very least, take a Scrivener. Imagine all those Plaguebearers with +1WS and hitting again on 7s! Also he gets them into range for a T2 charge...otherwise they'll still be lagging behind. WITH him they'll get ~18" of movement before charging T2. WITHOUT him they'll only get 14", and with that many bodies clogging the field, those extra 4" are important.
I think the DThirster is going to be very disappointing. He'll be the first thing people kill. That will leave your Soul Grinders to...grind...things...and they aren't very good even if they get to combat.

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