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Regular Dakkanaut



I am interested to play Deadzone in solo mode. I am confused what I need to buy, and appreciate any help.

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Brooding Night Goblin


are you sure you mean Deadzone and not Star Saga? There is Soloing for Star Saga, but for Deadzone...
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Minimum, you are going to need the core rulebook, Nexus Psi Sourcebook and some miniatures/terrain

I haven't tried it so I dont know what you need model-wise, besides the zombies of course.
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Fresh-Faced New User

The corebox is good value and will provide you with 2 warbands to try out plus the book, special dice and some scenery to start with. Other than that you will need approximately 20 zombies.
The nexus psi rules are available on mantic digital.
But don t expect too much. The campaign has only 4? Missions.
It s a really nice gimmick to learn or refresh the rules and is quite fun but it s not really the way Deadzone is meant to be played. But the corebox will provide you enough for 2 players. Maybe you can find a buddy to try it out.


If you really want it for soloplay only star saga might be a better match. But even that is meant to be played with an overlord. But functions quite well solo.

For a focussed soloplay maybe look at walking dead (pre woodbury) or the coming hellboy.
As for walking dead I personally prefer here s negan! Since its all in one box, but as a semicoop it really looses the one of its best part in the form of lategame backstabbing for negans favor when played solo.

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Thank you for the updates.

I use to think Deadzone was like the Walking Dead AOW with a lot of solo wargaming in mind as seen in the Guerrilla Miniatures youtube channel.

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Fresh-Faced New User

The solomode is more of a predecessor to walking dead. You can see some similarities in the rules but walking dead refined it quite a bit from there.

It's fun, its functioning but it's not that "meaty" with only this one short campaign. There was also an ai-deck in an older edition 1 expansion (insurrection? The yellow one) To be used with all the other factions but I never played it. Maybe that is something worth hunting down to have more content for soloplay in Deadzone?

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Fresh-Faced New User

Nexus Psi have an AI rules (like walking dead, with noise counter e.t.c.). You can actualy modify it for any faction and play any campain you want. For exemple i use enforcers and veermyn. If you want a long campain, just make a 500 armylist and ignore the suden death rule.
Sorry for my language.
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The Deadzone first edition had AI rules for all factions and a deck of cards in...the Contagion supplement, I think? The only AI/solo rules to carry over into second edition so far are the "Artificial Stupidity" rules for solo scenarios versus plague zombies.
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