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Hello. I am making a list to fight in 1500 point game tomorrow. The list is as follows.


1 Warden King
- Ancestral Pickaxe (teleport objective grabbing and general mayhem)

1 Runesmith
- Warlord to stay behind and give some sort of buffs or swap grudges.

1 Cogsmith



20 Ironbreakers
-runic icons
-clan banners

20 Ironbreakers
-runic icons
-clan banners



20 Quarrelers
-runic icons



1 Cannon

1 Organ gun

Total 1400 pts.

I have another 100 points which I don't know what do do. I think I will be going with the warlord trait that allows me to change the grudge once per match. The enemy will be bringing Moonclan so frankly, I have no idea what I am facing. The battle plan is to deploy as forwardly as possible with guns and crossbows covering the onslaught of shield walled Ironbreakers. When the time comes to make an objective grab with a unit of 20 Ironbreakers and the combat oriented Warden King. The guns keep hammering away from range at larger targets while crossbows kill gobbos and the Ironbreakers take on anything and everything.
Now I haven't played in a while and the moonclan is absolutely new for me so any advice would be welcome.

"Beyond that opening are my enemies. Behind me are warriors who would happily turn their weapons on me if they thought they could get away with it. Do you really think I'm doing this to try and impress anyone? I know who I am, and I don't give a greenskin's fart what anyone thinks of me."
- Honsou

Iron warriors 3000pt
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You can do fine without Drakes, I've been using Quarrelers exclusivity forever, though 20 is low since that's their double shot threshold. Honestly I'd be tempted to drop the Cannon for those last 10 Quarrelers. I let go of the War Machines ages ago because you can target the crew out and a savvy opponent will do so rendering them useless very quickly.

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