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Been Around the Block

Tonight were excited to share with you some great conversations recorded at the US masters with members of the Kings of War Community. First we are joined by Ray and Mark Shields to discuss their long and storied background with war gaming. One thing that struck me during our time was how authentically intertwined war gaming is into their lives. Their passion for gaming is ever present. Next we meet William Jones who is a seasoned competitive historical gamer but is a relative newcomer to Kings of War. William was working in the area and decided to drop in and check out the US Masters, and were really glad he did! Finally, we sit down with Aidan Rogers, the preeminent Irish Warhammer Refugee from the Pacific Northeast. if you heard the name before it's likely due to his time on the Dimensional Cascade podcast. These four people all have varying backgrounds and perspectives on war gaming. But one thing they all share is their love for the Game Kings of War!

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