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We recently started Vanguard.

We had some questions and probably will come across more when we play more games.

The first is about the rapid fire ability (ice kin hunter and firebrand and possibly others)
"Rapid Fire (2) - Use this ability when this model is about to perform a ranged attack, before dice are rolled. The model may shoot twice at two different targets that are within 3" of each other following the normal targeting rules. This cannot be as part of a Group or Fatigue Action."

Does this mean you can:
A) shoot twice (either two times at 1 target or 1 time at 2 targets).

B) shoot twice but they cannot be at the same target.

C) Shoot twice at two targets (essentially shooting 4 times).

The second about blessing of the gods (abbes)
"Blessing of the Gods (2) - Use when the Abbess activates. The Abbess makes a Walk action and is then marked as both Activated and Fatigued. Remove any activation counters from up to 3 BASILEAN models within 6” of the Abbess who are not currently Fatigued. These models are free to act again this Round. The Abbess may only use this Special Ability once per game."

Can she does this when she is activated by a forced fatigue (has already activated) or when she is already fatigued (and then activates)

The third quistion is about general abilities and spells (the sould thirst of the reaper souldrinker, celestial screen rhordia spell, mist of faith brotherhood spell, adrenaline shot humans, shimmer salamanders I am sure there are more).

Do these abilities stack with themselves?
Using forced activation to use again or from another spellcaster nearby casting the same spell?

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Rhein Main Gebiet

Have you got an update on these rule questions yet?

I guess Rapid Fire is B (the weakest option), even though as written it could be C. My main justification is that it has cost 2 and ranged attacks are not generally powerful in Vanguard.

With the Abbess I read that marking the model as Fatigued is part of the cost of the Blessing.

As far as I can tell stacking is fine as long as they come from different sources/spells.

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1 is B as far as I understand things.
2 Forced fatigue does count as an activation.
3 Depends of the wording of each spell.

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