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im planning on getting into kow with Night-stalkers, so i could use some inspiration.

So i would like to see what you all have come up with in regards to color schemes and lists.

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Rhein Main Gebiet

My only advice is to max out on needle fangs.

Those things are scary, especially in combination with Phantoms because of their ability to isolate targets and group attack.

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I ran this as:

Doppleganers regiment
Butchers horde
Butchers horde
Shadowhounds regiment
Nightmares regiment
Horror (bane chant)
Void Lurker

Made up of Vanguard miniatures (two warbands and a booster) and the GW stuff I decided to keep.
[Thumb - Nightstalkers.jpg]

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Albany, NY

IMO one of the best Night Stalker armies I've seen is by HaggisMacbeth:

He's painted quite a few more units than what's in that army there, check them out on his plog: http://www.wargamerau.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=184881

Another dude on WargamerAU did an NS army using Prodos Aliens, which is pretty great but has had all its images break? Here are some cached shots:

Before Mantic released its NS models, the classic tactic was to use Reaper 'Bathalian' minis for the bulk of the troops - not coincidentally, most early NS armies were extremely Fiends-heavy. Even post-nerf, Fiends are still pretty legit, and good ways to get unlocks for all the cool monsters NS have going on. Speaking of solos, Dread Fiends are extremely good, and I'm still shocked that they haven't been toned down.

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Good to see the helpful posts. I don't play Stalkers myself (and haven;t faced them very often) so I can't really add anything.

My blog on Kings of War:

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