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Dear peeps,

This is a copy from my blogpost here http://kingsofwarvince.business.blog/2019/04/07/review-of-undead-formations-in-clash-19// but I'd figure to post it here too, as this site gets some additional trafic.

A review of the undead formations in Clash of Kings 2019.

Clash of Kings 2019 (Wich I refuse to abreviate to CoK19, as I’m not Daniel King) brings the undead army three formations. As I use these a lot; I figured to spend some writing about them.

Army of Darkness

I wrote about this formation before because I love it. I know I’m about the only one, yet I’ll write down why I do love it.

First: what does it do? For 30 points, 2 hordes of skeletons and one necromancer, all units gain iron resolve. The necromancer gains inspiring and increases all its spell values by (5) when targeting friendly skeletons.

Why is it great? The first unit I always take in an undead army is a necromancer with inspring amulet. For 10 points more, you can have another one and it gains iron resolve to boot, making it more or less immune to pot shots.

Then, to take 2 hordes of skeletons is bit *meh* (Zombies are arguably better) and taking 2 anvil hordes are usually overdone. However, the counterside is that you have 3 unit stength for only 150 points; and these are far more resillient than you’d think. Def 4 and 23 fearless nerve is hard enough to shift as it is. Add to that both lifeleech (1) and iron resolve and it’ll take serious power to remove it. Finally, if you upgrade the necromancer with heal as you should; the addition of heal (8) to the setup above will last most battles.

Add to this to surge (13) and the hordes can be surprisingly mobile. Moreover, the necromancer still can take any magical item, be it the banner of the griffon; grimoire of darkness or amulet of the firehart for additional power.

Finally, 2 hordes of skeletons, the formation, a necromancer upgraded with heal and the amulet of the firehart add to a measly 440 points for 6 unit strength and more nerve than most opponents can kill. The fact that the rest of your army will need to kill of the enemies’ army, is just something you need to work around.

Ilona’s thirsty (pun intended) coven

What does it do? Take Ilona and two regiments of soul eaver infantry and add 25 points. Each unit gains fearless and +1 speed.

This is seen as one of the most powerful formations in the Clash 19 book. (http://www.ohiohammer.com/counter-chargeccx/2018/4/23/313-xrmd7) I fully agree. Not only is Ilona one of the better legendary heroes (as she wasn’t nerfed to def5+ when all other vampires were), giving her 1+ speed makes her as fast as a horse which hits like a truck (8 attacks @ melee 3+ and CS (3). Of course she got the inspiring + surge undead character package and comes with some more spells too.

Soul reaver infantry weren’t in use much before, but I’m not sure if that’s due to the high cost of the minatures, (EUR 25 for 10 infantry models) the fact that they are not universally liked (I think they are particulary ugly) or that they don;t have Warhammer counterparts.
On the battlefield, however, their damage potential is significant with 25 attacks @ melee 3+ and CS (2). Increasing their speed to 7 and removing their relatively low waver value of 15, makes them very useful.

All in, it’s one of the better (if not the best) formation in the Clash19 book. Only the fact that you end up paying 825 points for 4 unit strength (even before magical items) make it not an auto-include.

It pairs remarkably well with the army of darkness formation above, as they compliment each other’s weaknesses wel..

Mhorgoth’s rotting retinue

What do you get? take a horde and four troops of ghouls; pay 30 points and each unit gains TC (1).

In theory it’s a great formation. Having many small units is one way to play the game that for some people work really well. (i’m looking at you, Swordmaster) and giving each of them a boost to damage is decent.

Practially, I’m not a fan. First and foremost, my ghouls often don’t get to charge as they funcion as chaff. This means, they die before they can kill anything. (and that’s okay, it’s their role to die) Secondly, while I can find use for one or two troops of ghouls, the third and fourth are too many. Finally, a horde of ghouls is not something I can find a role for. Undead has plenty of (better)anvils in zombies and skeletons. As hammers, the ghouls do not match up to wights, zombie trolls, soul reavers and werewolves.

This makes the base assumption that the troops itself are worthwile invalid. It’s not so much spending 30 points to upgrade valid units a bit; it’s spending 440 points on something that other units can do better.

That said, there’s two occasions this formation can have some use. One is if you’re desperate for unit strength, this formation gives 7 Unit Strength for 440 points. The other is an undead army without surge featuring werewolves, flying characters and soul reavers which needs some cheap chaff and anvils. In these cases, however, I’m not sure if the formation does add any value, though. You can always take 5 regiments of ghouls for 10 unit strength and similar cost.


Undead has three formations. One excellent, one good and one abysmal. I think we’ll see the coven and army used extensively, the retinue not so much.

What's your opinion?

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