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How would I convert a Heresy Haarkon Worldclaimer?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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I have a Sons of Horus army so was tempted to add another member to the legion of doom.

Was Haarkon actually alive during the Heresy? It’s not clear from Vigilus book 1 in the part I read.

Overall my Legion is fairly clean and with little chaos stuff. Is his actual model too Chaos to be easily modified or pass as a heresy era Praetor?

If not, what’s the best way to convert him? Ideally I would want a similar head and overall weapon loadout.

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He'd be real difficult to make a son of horus from my point of view with all of his trophies and armour ornamentation but I think he'd make a really good Word Bearers or Night Lords character, though the latter would rely on being able to cover up the clearly chaos afflicted armour since both used more ornamental armour in their characters.

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Is he even a Son of Horus?

Like other high ranking Black Legion members in the Ezekarion, it could well be that Haarkon isn't a Son of Horus, but could be a Night Lord or Word Bearer who sided with Abaddon.

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Rippy wrote:Never forgetti, template spaghetti.
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Like this:


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Nice job on that conversion.
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Longtime Dakkanaut

operkoi wrote:
He'd be real difficult to make a son of horus from my point of view with all of his trophies and armour ornamentation

You might want to look at these two again. Particularly the banner:

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The Sons of Horus were known to collect war trophies of worthy opponents prior to Isstavan III. After the Great Betrayal, it became even more prevalent.

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It's said in the fluff that Haarkon might be a Night Lord because hes such a good raptor commander. If you want him in 40k, I think he should be a Legion Consul Champion with paragon blade and jump pack. Model wise, I think the kharn model would look cool. Use a night lord looking head, put a jump pack on kharn, give them a chain glaive (easy to make, but model a chaos csm old school squad chain sword on the top and extend the bottom. I can see be gifted a chaos spear during the long war.

Kinda looks like these combined:

The Kharn model is a great base for a jump pack champion with a chain glaive, just paint them up Sons of Horus colours and it would be exactly like Haarkon. In the ADB Night Lord short stories, it should a raven guard change side. In Unremembered Empire, the night lord all hate each other. I can see a night lord captain defecting to the Sons of Horus. Hes the kind of no nonsense guy who would say: "Yeah nah, I'm having none of this undisciplined baby killing - its so unprofessional. I want to be a Sons of Horus, those guys get things done."
Anyway, that's how I would do it. Hope you show us what you come up with

If you want to take good pictures - please follow these instructions. It will make it a lot easier for Dakka to constructively critique your stuff/ shower your masterpiece in praise

Alternative, click and drag the below picture onto a new tab.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

I don't buy him being Night Lord because he has six or seven eyes of Horus on his mini and literally zero NL cues. Plus, what is wrong with him being just SoH commander that particularly likes jump pack? It's not like only one legion has a monopoly on that particular skill-set, pigeonholing much?

As for the mini itself, the only thing that is sort-of not HH in look are different knee pads (easily explainable by combat damage) and demon face on his leg (but then again WB are already showing signs of taint so why not SoH). Still, if you give him SoH helmet, he can be painted as one straight away...
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Dakka Veteran

Best model to use as the base would be Garviel Loken. They basically have the same pose. Add a jump pack, a power spear a lightning claw and a different helmet and it’s pretty much spot on.

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