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Brooding Night Goblin

Hooray, the kickstarter for the Terracotta Armee of watchfulistudio is finally online.


As already mentioned in some of the KoW Countercharge Podcasts, those can be a good match as an Empire of Dust Army.

Which is also greatly demonstrated by the paintalltheminis channel on youtube.
If you want to see how they look painted, check this out:

Ok, the details on the minis are not the highest for todays standards, but I love the way the necromancer looks and also several other minis. And it will probably be very fast to paint
And I am just a sucker for chinese mythology and that era and there is not much out there that covers that.

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mind you, I just calculated, in the video the amount of stuff would be around 400$ if all bought as addons on the kickstarter

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I thought I would make a small comparison, because why-not.

An "Empire of Dust Army"
-> http://www.manticgames.com/mantic-shop/kings-of-war/empire-of-dust/product/empire-of-dust-army.html
which costs 90$ on the mantic site and equates to a point cost for a KoW Army of 580 pts (without any artefacts/options with the vanilla KoW rules) [ AND without playing around with the Minimum Model Count (MMC) and Preferred Model Count (PMC) ]

would equal to

1x T. Spears w/Command TER102 10$
3x T. Spears TER103 30$
2x T. Archers w/Command TER104 20$
2x T. Archers TER105 20$
2x Undead QIN570 20$
1x Terr. Catapult TER904 20$
1x Old Necromancer QIN017 20$

Note that the terracotta list above gives you TWO necromancers, one on foot, one on horse whereas the starter box only gives you ONE high priest. plus, If you replace the Terracotta Spearmen with Swordsmen you can field them as Revenants, giving you more oomph and already increasing the points you can field AND by adding slightly more you will get out much more points with using the rules for MMC or PMC.

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Brooding Night Goblin


I continued my thoughts about the Terracotta Army deal. And I thought... if I make notes to myself about it, why not post them here too?

I was looking how I could field the Terracotta army in Vanguard, but unfortunately I did not really find a cool match with the Empire of Dust entries, but then I realized... why does it need to be the Empire of Dust entries?

And then I realized:
If somebody does not want to pay that much or paint that many models to get in the kickstarter, I realized there is another cool way to use them. And that is for Vanguard!

I wasnt able to find a nice way to map them to empire of dust, but then I realized... why does it need to be?

I found a quite nice match with Kingdoms of Men:

If you get a packet of each, there is a good mix for a KoM Vanguard in there.

My initial fielding would be:

Which I think gets enough flexibility out of the KoM Vanguard List as there is right now? I am not convinced of the Berserker or the Veteran Soldier for their points cost.

Drawback is, this is not really a cheap bargain.


If somebody digs the models, but does not want to pay that much, this could be a way to go:

Cheap 200 points that might still be flexible:

Both are mostly fluffy lists, but I think with both you will anyway lose with style!

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Crazed Flagellant


I really love the models. Great idea for an Empire of Dust army or as earth elemental golems in nature or dwarven armies.

But the price.... I understand kickstarter models are more expensive than perry twins or mantic, but to get a regiment or horde out of them, is a little too much.

This is why I might buy into them for Vanguard if I didn;t have 4 other projects that have prevalence.

Lovely models though.

My blog on Kings of War:

Made in at
Brooding Night Goblin

I really love the models. Great idea for an Empire of Dust army or as earth elemental golems in nature or dwarven armies.

Hm, cool idea with the Earth Elementals, I did not think of that yet!

In the comments one guy wrote
"Easy usable as EoD, UD, Varangur, Kom, Brotherhood, and non-halfling Rhordia."

I am not sure I see all of those, but now that the Kickstarter also features the "normal" chinese units for the kickstarter prices and not only the terracotta warriors there really is a wide range how one could use it...

This is why I might buy into them for Vanguard if I didn;t have 4 other projects that have prevalence.

what a discipline
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