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The Great Nation of Ramitinya

Wassup! This is my first post here but been lurking for a number of years now...

So last weekend I went to the Big Bristol GT at Bristol Independent Gaming! And wow was it awesome!

Now to give you some context this was my first 40k event I have been to and in fact was the first time I have ever played 40k against a human who I didn't know before the game began.
I took a rather fluffy and extremely orange Iyanden Wraith-Host list! https://www.instagram.com/p/BwJ7SZMH7TE/
I have to say though I was amazed at the variety of people there (I'l admit I went in expecting a seriously hard-core crowd)

My first matchup was against a GSC army with a Brigade, a battalion and a vanguard. No vehicles other than a single sentinel. Lots of CP and my list struggles extremely against horde armies. Lost this one.
My second matchup was against a Ynari list with 7 flyers (2 hemlocks, 2 CHE and 3 of the dark eldar ones i can never remember the name of) 2 units of bikes, yvraine and a warlock on a bike. Lost this one (pretty much on turn 1)
My third matchup (and by this point im on some seriously high numbered tables) was against an awesome Tallarn IG list with a shadowsword and a lot of armor. Epic game but another loss!
My fourth matchup was against a beautifully painted necron list (with no destroyers!) an airwing of doomscythes, a c'tan and 12 wraiths! Another krump of a game but yet another loss for me! Albeit a slightly tighter one!
I ended the tournament 1 - 0 - 4 having been matched up in my last game against a good friend of mine whos list struggled against mine in every practise game we played before the event! his list: https://www.instagram.com/p/BwJ9MHCniLy/

I took alot away from the tournament and I will certainly be attending more! Next time with a more sleeves-rolled-up kind of list!

Did anyone here go to this event!? Didya smash it!?

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Ya kant krump ard enuf 
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