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Made in ca
Terrifying Wraith


I'm trying to build a semi competitive list or a core i can practice and upgrade later.
Now where i'm strugeling is for the artifact and command trait.
Basic strategy, Bloodletters are the hammer and the Bloodhirster and the Skullgrinder and the blood warriors are the anvil.

Battalion : murderhost
30 Bloodletters
20 Bloodletters
10 Flesh Hounds

Wraith of Khorne Bloodthirster

Slauther priest --- Hexgorger Skulls
5 Blood warriors
10 Bloodreavers
5 Wrathmongers

Made in be
Dakka Veteran

mage eater on the thirster is a common thing. if you dispel , the other wizard gets d3 mortals...
To go competitive:

I would try to fit in a second priest.

For the bloodletters take 10 or take 30. that is how the function best.

I would divide the flesh hounds to 2 units for an extra re-rollable dispel and you can make better use of them that way as a more flexible screen.

Made in ca
Terrifying Wraith


Mmmm second priest is something I need to consider. One think I don’t understand is how 10 Bloodletters are good?

Made in us
Androgynous Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

Norwalk, Connecticut

20 is useless because as soon as you lose a single model, you lose their 20+ bonus. 10 makes for MSU (more targets/blood tithe possibilities).

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