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Hello am starting a Bolt Action force and need some questions answered please.

What’s the difference between the Waffen SS, Fallschirmjäger and Heer in game?

Am interested in all three at the moment and maybe this will help. All I know now is the SS and Fallschirmjäger are elite so you don’t get as many units on table I believe?

I’ll be playing against the British most of the time so artillery might be a bigger problem I’ve herd for an elite force.
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The difference is mostly the unit composition. There is only one book for all german "branches", which allows you to create a fallschirmjäger or SS or conventional army.

Overall though the SS and fallschirmjäger are mostly just more experienced infantrymen, who are harder to kill, have moral boost (especially SS). I I remember correctly those units also have access to a wider choie and number in advanced weapons, but I haven't got my book at hand right now.

I've never played against the british, but as far as artillery is concerned, they do pack a lot'a punch. However, the main issue with artillery at that point isn't that it hurt since officer activated ordance needs you to roll a 6 to actually inflict hits, but the ludicrous amount of pins it can spread over your whole army. Considering the reduced size of your army, a single unit not acting a turn because they're pinned down is a real pain. The best advice I can give you is to spread your forces out to not end up with haf your footmen hitting the dirt, and pray for the barrage to have bad rolls...

As far as tanks are concerned there's no real difference, simply put them veteran if you want to bring along an elite themed army. This essentially boosts "moral".

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The difference between Heer, SS and Fallschirmjäger is entirely up to you.
Heer can be Veteran in the form of Panzer Grenadiers. Elite Grenadiers or pioneers.
Or they can be regular Grenadiers.
Or you can use Volksgrenadiers. Ostruppen or even the stats for Kriegsmarine troops for inexperienced troops.

The same goes for the SS and Fallschirmjäger.
While history remembers them mostly as elite disciplined and motivated they still had troops you could represent as regular or inexperienced within the rules.

Or mix it all up.

It's a very abstract system that suits thematic choices.
(Unfortunately it's rarely done since most players have a 40k background)

And British players do get a free off board artillery observer. But it's not all that game changing really and on board artillery has equals in every nation.
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