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Blades of Khorne Slaughterhost Command Traits and Artifacts?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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just getting into AoS and I'm a bit confused about how the Slaughterhost traits and/or Relics are allowed to be taken. The reason being that in the Battle Tome, it seems to be indicated that your General has to take the Command Trait and "the first" Hero in your army must take the Relic. However, in an 1d4chan article (here) it is said:

"Your general does not have to be from any of the above to take the general trait, but if he is than he MUST take it. That means no named heroes can be your general and get a keyword (Korghos Khul being the exception since he has the Goretide keyword). You MUST use the Slaughterhost's Artifact of Power (your general doesn't have to), and only that Slaughterhost's Hero can use it (so no giving your Goretide hero the Skullfiend Tribe's Artifact)."

So that's a bit confusing. The way that text reads to me is, I can take a non-Slaughterhost General, but still give him a Slaughterhost Command Trait? Then it follows up saying that you must use the Slaughterhost's Artifact, but your General doesn't have to. So uhh... what do I have to and don't have to do.

Reason I'm asking is I'd want a Bloodthirster with the Bloodlords Slaughterer’s Thirst Command Trait, but with a different Artifact than the Halo of Blood. So now I'm a bit confused if I can somehow do that, or not.

Thanks beforehand.

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Monstrous Master Moulder

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

The first hero you give an artifact to must take the Slaughterhost artifact. In order to take more than one artifact, you must take a battalion (as, for each battalion, you may take one additional artifact). So your scenario is as follows;

-Your Slaughterhost is the Bloodlords
-Your Bloodthirster is your general (he must take Slaughterer's Thirst, as he is a Bloodhost General)
-The first hero to take an artifact in your army must take the Halo of Blood (this doesn't have to be your general, it can be any hero, and so you must have one additional hero besides the Bloodthirster)
-In order to take an additional artifact, you must include one battalion (any will do), which unlocks an additional artifact
-As the Halo of Blood has already been assigned, this second artifact can be any one of your choosing and can be assigned to any hero that does not already have an artifact (in this case, your Bloodthirster)

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