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Fresh-Faced New User

Good evening everyone! That's my first post on dakka dakka!
I have to ask you a question people of the internet.
I want to make some 40k khorne cultists using the bloodreavers kit from AOS, but it lacks guns and that displease the ork inside me. So i was asking myself if some of you knew some website where to get some bits for the arms and weapons such as lasguns or autoguns. It's a project i have in mind for an RPG i'm working on so nothing that could be used in official plays.
Thank you in advance!
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Plaguelord Titan Princeps of Nurgle

In My Lab

Maybe Kromlech?

But, just letting you know, we do have a Painting And Modeling forum for just these types of questions.

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Furious Raptor

Sydney, Australia

I've heard it suggested to combine the Bloodreavers kit with autopistols from the Genestealer Cultists kit to make cultists. Might be worth looking at some bitz sellers on eBay to secure some?
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Frothing Warhound of Chaos

What about Necromunda Goliaths?
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