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Made in us
Steadfast Grey Hunter

Hey all, looking on feedback and possible changes to this list for GT play.

Genestealers, 3x detachments. 1995 points, 131 PL, 13 CP

Battalion Detachment - Genestealer Cults 1232 pts

Cult of the 4 armed Emperor (+1 adv/charge on first battle round / reinforcing), Brood Coven

HQ - 292 pts

Magus - Born Survivor, Might From Beyond, Psychic Stimulus
Patriarch - Amulet of the Voidwyrm, 1x Familiar, MIght From Beyond, Psychic Stimulus, Preternatural Speed
Primus - Inscrutable Cunning


Acolyte Hybrids x6 + 2 Heavy Rock Saws
Acolyte Hybrids x6 + 2 Heavy Rock Saws
Acolyte Hybrids x9 + 4 Heavy Rock Saws
3x 10 man Neophyte Hybrid units


8x Aberrants w/Power PIcks
20x Purestrain Genestealers

2nd Batallion Detachment

Acolyte Iconward
Magus Might from Beyond/Psychic Stimulus

3x 10 man Neophyte Hybrid units

Flying Detachment - Astra Militarum

3x Vulture Gunships w/Punishers

My main concern is Knights/Monstrous Creatures... I'm not sure if I have enough saws/strength of dice to be able to hack through them? I feel like with the 3 Vulture Punishers, I have enough chaff clear so that my CC units don't have to eat through hordes to get to their targets.
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