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Made in ca
Regular Dakkanaut

Hickory NC


Chaplain Dread with double close combat weapons. One heavy flamer and one storm bolter
Techmarine with Power Axe

3 5 man tactical squads with lascannons

5 Deathwing Knights

10 Hellblasters

Air Wing Detachment:
Dark Talon
Dark Talon
Stormraven: Twin Heavy Plasma Cannon, 2 Hurricane Bolters, 2 Stormstrike Missile Launchers, Typhoon Missile Launcher

Basic idea is the Knights, Techmarine and Chaplain Dread fly around in the Stormraven which may or may not be with the Dark Talons depending on who you play against. Azrael and the Hellblasters move around scaring things with all the plasma love. The tacticals are basically there to fire Lascannons at things. I know people are going to say to use Scouts but currently I don't have any and am not a huge fan of them.

Any thoughts are welcome.

Made in de
Death-Dealing Dark Angels Devastator

If your enemy has decent shooting and goes first, you will propably loose your stormraven and most of the hellblasters (4++ can only do so much for them).

If you can make the scenery work for you, the hellblasters can be great, but try to hide them out of LOS.

Also, I know the techmarine will feel lonely, but i would still let the knights teleport in. Belive me, there is nothing more sad than letting DW Knights walk across the battlefield.

While tacticals may not be the optimal troop choice, I dont think they are that bad. At least your opponent has to kill 4 marines before he kills the lascannon.

Still seems like a fun high risk, high reward list.
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

the darkshroud will make the dark talons and stormraven -2 to hit if you don't get the first turn. really should think about including it.
That being said, putting so many points in the stormraven is just asking for it to be dropped turn 1, in which case, you've probably lost the game.
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