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Made in us
Mysterious Techpriest

Big FAQ landed, and I have updated my list yet again.

Stygies VIII Battalion Detachment - 1216

HQ - 120
1x Tech-Priest Manipulus - Transonic Cannon, Relic: Omniscient Mask
1x Tech-Priest Enginseer

Troop - 380
5x Skitarii Ranger - 5x Galvanic Rifle
5x Skitarii Ranger - 5x Galvanic Rifle
5x Skitarii Ranger - 5x Galvanic Rifle
5x Skitarii Ranger - 5x Galvanic Rifle
4x Kataphron Breacher - 4x Heavy Arc Rifle, 4x Arc Rifle
4x Kataphron Breacher - 4x Heavy Arc Rifle, 4x Arc Rifle

Transport - 132
1x Termite Assault Drill - Storm Bolter

Elite - 176
11x Fulgurite Electro-Priest

Fast Attack - 408
6x Sydonian Dragoon - 6x Taser Lance

Mixed Battalion Detachment - 306

HQ - 60
1x Graia Tech-Priest Enginseer - Warlord: Necromechanic
1x Graia Tech-Priest Enginseer

Troop - 120
5x Graia Skitarii Vanguard - 5x Radium Carbine
5x Graia Skitarii Vanguard - 5x Radium Carbine
5x Graia Skitarii Vanguard - 5x Radium Carbine

Elite - 126
7x Mars Sicarian Infiltrator - 7x Fletchette Blaster, 7x Taser Goad

House Krast Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachment - 475

Lord of War - 475
1x Knight Styrix - Volkite Chierovile, Reaper Chainsword, Graviton Crusher, Warlord: First Knight (-1 CP), Relic: Headsman's Mark (-1 CP)

Total: 1997 points
13 CP (-2)

Typical gameplay is to infiltrate the Drill and Dragoons and bring up the Knight behind them. Dominate the midfield. Breachers and Rangers secure objectives. Infiltrators beta strike to complement the melee, deleting infantry and getting into melee themselves when they can.

Manipulus can deploy inside the Drill to or hang back with the Breachers to improve their shooting range. Spare Enginseer always sticks with the Breachers. Graia Enginseers and Rangers protect the Knight from psychic shenanigans, repair 4 wounds per turn, and give +1S in a pinch.


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Made in gb
Enginseer with a Wrench

Manipulus with the mask. Is he going to be in range to buff dragoons most games?

Made in us
Mysterious Techpriest

Maybe, maybe not. He also buffs Infiltrators. To be honest, I just don't know what other relic to use. Raiment definitely got a lot better with the new Overwatch rules, but this list does not really emphasize shooting or has rerolls.
Made in us
Judgemental Grey Knight Justicar

Enginseers cannot repair Kataphrons, only Dominus can repair them.
Ive been running Mars Infiltrators for a couple months, they almost never make up their points.
I think the powerswords/carbines are just better, the S3 shooting is just too bad, even using Wrath of Mars.

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Made in jp
Mysterious Techpriest

Ah, you're right. Vehicle only. Guess one Enginseer is useless then. Unless I want to cut two Ranger units to upgrade him to a Dominus. What do you think? 90 points to reroll 1s for 240 points of Breachers and 210 points of Rangers seems a bit underwhelming to me.

I think there's a problem in expectations for Infiltrators. You can very easily overinvest in these guys and not get good returns. You need them sized appropriately to the task they specialize in, and that is anti-infantry support and seizing objectives. So drop them in between two GEQ units. Shoot one to death, charge the other one. With Manipulus and command reroll, there is also a very good chance of making the 9" charge too, as you only need to make an 8+. 8x is the ideal size since it reliably pastes even T4 targets with Wrath of Mars, though I could stand to go down to 7x or 6x.

Depends on how you use them. The Sword & Stub variant is much better rounded and is a good anti-elite choice. But it does not have nearly the impact as the Taser & Flechette variant in my experience because it makes less good use of Wrath of Mars.

EDIT: Thought it over. I will cut one Infiltrator and upgrade the Graia Rangers to Vanguard. Need to differentiate them both in terms of rules and visuals, and I always liked Vanguard for my forward deployed infantry.

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Made in us
Judgemental Grey Knight Justicar

Id argue that taking the assassin is just better than taking the Infiltrators.

An Eversor can easily mulch two GEQ units on a charge, consolidate, fight again, and he has a 3d6 charge so you are highly unlikely to need him to reroll, which sort of ends up making him less CP. As you won't need to reroll the charge most likely, and the fight again stratagem will probably kill more units than using WoM anyway.

If you end up playing against an elite army where the flechette Infiltrators are a goose egg then he is still a better unit, and you have the flexibility to bring other options.
This also leaves you points that you could easily take sniper rifles on the rangers.

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Made in jp
Mysterious Techpriest

Point for point, assassins are definitely better than 5 Infiltrators. But not by that much, and they can't scale up or down like Infiltrators can. Also, the upfront 2 CP cost can really be problematic. I might have to really blow out my first and second turn, and I am unsure if I will get the refund.

There is no list in the meta really that has no infantry. Maybe Knights, but even then, having a free deepstriker for objective control is nice.

Non-game consideration: My painting list is getting long, and time is running short. 2-4 Assassins seems a bit much for me to handle right now. Lol.
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