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The point of this is for fun and semi-comp, yes it is a lot of CP to do this, you'll want to have a CWE or DE battalions to back it up. But lets make a lot of assassin for Quins.

BF = 3CP
Battalions x2 = 10CP
Vanguard = 1CP
x2 WL traits, x3 relics - 5CP
Left over CP 9

Quins Battalion
Yvarine - Take damaging powers
Troupe Master Power sword- Hungering Blade (S7, -3ap, 2D) WL trait WL trait, Warden of Souls (+1 attack and Strength)
Troupe Master Caress - Corags Hai's Locket (Each unit you destroy add +1 to your attack and movement characteristics), WL trait is optional (lots of options, either 6's are 2 hits, regain +1 wound and gain 5+++, or Pile in and consolidate 6" instead of 3")
Note, you can mix and match any of these, i didnt do the math yet to see what is best options, just know that you can have 2 Troupe masters with 6+ attacks, S6+ with -2/-3ap and 1/2D
Troupes x5, Caress
Troupes x5, Caress
Troupes x5, Caress
Note: Can make 1 large unit, they are mostly for CP and melee damage, i would spend to many points, might even do 2 units with no weapons and 1x12 man with weapons, there are options

DE or CWE battalion
HQ (Archon, Haemonculus, or Autarch, Farseer)
Troop (Kabal, Wracks, or Rangers/Guardians/Storm Gs)
extra (Ravagers, Grots, Talos, or Wave Serpents, Hemlocks, Dark Reapers)

Finally Vanguard Harlequins, Dreaming Shadow/Silent Shroud/Soaring Spite
Death Jester
Death Jester
Solitaire - Relic Cegorachs Rose
Skyweavers x6 HWC's (Glaives are optional)

All the Harlequins and Yvarine should be 1000-1100 points (depending if you give the Troupes weapons or not and the Skyweavers Glaives or not) that gives you 900-1000 points for a Aeldari Battalion

What does this list do? Well it is character heavy, as you can see, you'll need some units to spread out and protect them, Ravagers, Grots, Talos, Wave Serpents, Windriders, they all deal damage and are able to take some hits, these are the better units, for Troop Raiders, Guardian blobs are good too, for the Dark Eldar, Wracks or Kabals work fine, cheap or tough, they dont do both lol, but for Kabal you can get lots of them for cheap and throw them away without carrying to much. Autarchs are good b.c they can have Bikes and Banshee Masks, then a Farseer for Doom for the rest of the CWE, etc..

The goal is to get into melee turn 2, with Rising Crescendo and Flip belts on the market for Ynnari now, this is not hard at all, you have 3 Melee characters and some support shooting with lots of fast moving parts, Shadowseer for the Skyweavers, Dreaming shadow for the bonus shooting when they die and for the DJ's (2 hits instead of 1 shooting a character) You do not have to do Dreaming Shadows, Midnight for the Solitaire or Silent Shround for the Anti-overwatch, finally Soaring Spite for the Move+advance+Shoot.

You only have 9CP and you will want to keep 3 for the Ynnari stratagem to bring back a dead character (its on a 4+ and re-roll 1CP) But if you cant hold onto it then thats ok.

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I understand why it was moved to lists, but it was more a topic about melee characters and not really the list.

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