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Made in gb
Crazed Spirit of the Defiler


Hi guys, long time player of everything Chaos. Picked up a Necron army recently and wanted your advice on how to run it. Mostly for fun but will take it to tournents when I get used how to run it. Think that Necrons might make a sneaky comeback with recent CA and FAQ. (Nothing drastic but might take some people off guard).

First couple of friendly games and I like the doom scythes and tesseract vault. Plus depending on matchup Sautek tesla seems to work well.

How could I improve it?

Thanks for the help guys.

++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Necrons) [58 PL, 5CP, 981pts] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

Detachment CP [5CP]

Dynasty Choice: Dynasty: Sautekh

+ HQ +

Catacomb Command Barge [9 PL, 188pts]: Artefact: The Veil of Darkness, Gauss Cannon, Resurrection Orb, Warlord, Warscythe

Cryptek [5 PL, 85pts]: Canoptek Cloak, Staff of Light

+ Troops +

Immortals [8 PL, 135pts]: Gauss Blaster, 9x Immortal

Immortals [8 PL, 135pts]: 9x Immortal, Tesla Carbine

Necron Warriors [12 PL, 198pts]: 18x Necron Warrior

+ Heavy Support +

Annihilation Barge [8 PL, 120pts]: Gauss Cannon

Annihilation Barge [8 PL, 120pts]: Gauss Cannon

++ Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachment (Necrons) [25 PL, 566pts] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

Dynasty Choice: Dynasty: Sautekh

+ Lord of War +

Tesseract Vault [25 PL, 566pts]

++ Air Wing Detachment +1CP (Necrons) [33 PL, 4CP, 450pts] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

Battle-forged CP [3CP]

Detachment CP [1CP]

Dynasty Choice: Dynasty: Sautekh

+ Flyer +

Doom Scythe [11 PL, 150pts]

Doom Scythe [11 PL, 150pts]

Doom Scythe [11 PL, 150pts]

++ Total: [116 PL, 9CP, 1997pts] ++
Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

Some of the things I would change in your list to make it more optimal are:

I would replace the gauss immortals with Tesla, more shots is just better.

Replace the doom scythes with dda's-they're only 10 points more and do so much more damage with so much more survivability.

Take Imotekh instead of the CCB for the double mwbd on the immortals and give cryptek chronometron and vod

Replace the warriors with Tesla immortals because immortals just get more value and give you enough points to afford the dda's.

I would also replace 1 annihilation barge with 3 sets of scarabs for screening and objective grabbing, scraravs provide so much utility to a list its wonderful

If you implement any of these changes your list will improve. If you implement all of these changes you list will be competitively viable.

For friendly games this list seems fine and pretty fun, its a decent list. The changes I listed aren't necessary, but would make it considerably stronger. Overall, the thing I recommend most is getting the triple DDA which is the key to all competitive crons lists, everything else is kinda optional.

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Made in gb
Crazed Spirit of the Defiler


Thanks for that, all sounds sensible suggestions. I've picked up imotekh and a dda recently. I've also got some more immortals to build so I can run 20 tesla, 10 gauss. I like the option of either if you're playing custodes, marines or other 2+/3+ troops.

I'm not sure whether to keep the doomscythes or the tesseract vault. It's great but I don't know if it's 3 dda and an annihilation barge good.

I'll try out the scarabs I have 7 bases so that might make them a but more resilient to mele rush lists.
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