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Fresh-Faced New User

On Lexicanium I was reading about Ferrus Manus and there is a paragraph called The Draor Obelisk. This describes the Skull of Ferrus Manus being given to the Iron Hands in exchange for them complying to the Codex Astartes. However I can’t find any source for The Draor Obelisk or Inquisitor Kinebad who found it.

Can anyone confirm that this is true information please?

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Cosmic Joe

Lexicanum, as a Wiki has citations. You'll see a number next to that entry which will tell you where that piece of info came from.

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Mysterious Techpriest

United Kingdom

According to the Lexicanium page the source is the novel Salamanders: Rebirth (by Nick Kyme). I don't have it, so can't confirm or deny.
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Fresh-Faced New User

Brilliant thanks all
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