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Hi! Ive been out of the loop on AoS for a while and ive dusted off my old fyreslayers with the amazing new book. Only thing is I'm terrible at making lists. This is what im thinking of trying. I have plenty of most things but I do not have HG Berserkers and only 10 Aurics.

Lodge....Im thinking Hermdar or Vostarg?

Auric Runeson, axes + required relic

Runesmiter (Prayer of Ash)

Runemaster (molten infusion)

Vulkite x10

Vulkite x 20

Auric x5

Zharrgron Flamespiter

Forge Pizza Oven

Will I get totally wrecked at our local tournament?

20,000 points (Valhallan, Steel Legion, Cadian, and Vostroyan)
15,000 points
5000 points
Proud Countess of House Terryn hosting 4 Knights, 2 Dominus Knights, and 5 Armigers

Age of Sigmar:
Stormcast Eternals: 7,000 points
Fyreslayers: 3,000

"Remember, Orks are weak and cowardly, they are easily beat in close combat and their tusks, while menacing, can easily be pulled out with a sharp tug"

-Imperial Guard Uplifting Primer 
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Id suggest going greyfyrd in 1000 points. My current 1k list is this



vulkiteberzerkers x10
hearthgaurd berzerkers x10
hearthgaurd berzerkers x5


artifacts are just to shut down magic
nulsidian stone
the one that lets me dispel 2 spells
and the greyfyrd artufact
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