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Made in nl
Crazed Spirit of the Defiler

Black Legion


Soulforged pack

1x Lord Discordant w/ Mark of Slaanesh 180
- Warlord (trait: Indomitable)
- Relic: Sightless Helm
- Baleflamer

1x Sorcerer with Jump Pack w/ Mark of Slaanesh 120
- Delightful Agonies and Warptime
- Force Staff

6x CSM w/ Mark of Slaanesh 100
- Chaincannon
- Combibolter
- Chainsword on champion

6x CSM w/ Mark of Slaanesh 100
- Chaincannon
- Combibolter
- Chainsword on champion

5x CSM w/ Mark of Slaanesh 87
- Chaincannon
- Combibolter
- Chainsword on champion

Heavy Support:
1x Venomcrawler w/ Mark of Slaanesh 130

1x Venomcrawler w/ Mark of Slaanesh 130

Total: 847 points, 7 CP.

This list is for a tournament in my FLGS. It's meant to be a mix between fluffy and competitive. I know I would probably have been better off getting 3 Discolords but I personally dislike spamming characters so theres' that Battle plan is simple: Lord Discordant rushes forward with Venomcrawlers in support. The sorcerer serves as the Lords' personal buffbot, hopefully getting both Delightful Agonies on him to get a for 850 points rather absurd defensive statline of W12 T6 2+/5++/5+++ + all damage taken is halved and Warptime to get that first turn charge. If the Lord is slain before the Venomcrawlers the Sorcerer switches to supporting them. The CSM squads are there for anti-horde firepower and objective taking/ defense, and of course those juicy 5 CP.

Any thoughts for improvements? When giving feedback please keep in mind the following:
- My local meta features a lot of ruins terrain for people to hide their infantry in. This is why I have chosen Venomcrawlers over Maulerfiends as Crawlers can both shoot and CC decently while the Fiends are melee monsters but are useless vs. a list with a lot of infantry hiding in ruins. So basically anything that is pure CC and is not infantry or lacks the fly keyword is useless.
- I'm keeping the list kind-of-fluffy, so no Discotriplets or that kind of stuff.
- We play on 4x4 boards due to lack of space so anything that pays for a range over 48" is going to be very points-inefficient.

The main point I'm wondering about is whether I should take the second Venomcrawler or not. With our meta being so ruins heavy I wonder if I shouldn't take a more shooty option though. Maybe some Havocs? Although those are very squishy. I've also had good performances by my Forgefiend who can do quite well at low points values.


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Made in ch
Anointed Dark Priest of Chaos

Have you considered the general warlord trait that gives 1+ w and a 6+++? Might be worth it over indomitable.

Havocs so far performed well for me, granted i went with 4 ac and a pg though they are squishyer then a venomcrawler.

Alternativly cut the marines down and a venomcrawler for a defiler, that could give you some flexibility due to the sorcerer beeing able to sling it forward?


A Mostly Renegades and Heretics blog.

Who would win:
10'000 + years of veterancy, or some raidy Boys?
(Not Online in regards to the new Red Corsair battalion CP boost.) 
Made in dk
Fresh-Faced New User

I am also a bit more fond of a defiler instead of the second venomcrawler.
Big model syndrome will also make the untrained opponent anxious about shooting your discolord or giant spiderboy. It is also quite fluffy to use defilers in BL lists, as i believe it was the warmaster himself who ordered them built for his black crusade at some point.
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