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Fixture of Dakka

The other day in a thread, I was explaining something technical, and it got longwinded. The person I was responding to responded that he now got it and thanked me. That made my day. One of the reasons I post is because I love helping people understand things. And so it got me thinking, "Why do I post here? What do I like about dakka dakka?". This made me wonder what other people thought.

So, what do you enjoy about DakkaDakka?

Other examples of things I've enjoyed are:
-Sometimes, I get the chance to clarify a conversation. The end result is it converts a conversation where people keep talking past eachother into a constructive discussion where people share information with eachother. Which has a reasonable chance of changing opinions.
-There's a ton of interesting information here. The lore subforum often as very interesting, insightful, or informational posts. Great reads. PM713's posts typically knock my socks off.
-I can challenge my understandings/beliefs about the game. So my incorrect holdings get dispelled more readily, so I have a better understanding. Scotsman is never afraid to disagree with me, often shows me interesting things, and frequently explains things in great ways.
-I get to see many different viewpoints and personalities. Which helps expand my own.
-Sometimes, it's fun to examine the more pedantic side of an issue. BCB usually has an interesting alternate pedantic take on almost any issue.

Side note - thank you, DakkaDakka, for all the above.
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Moved to a forum better suited for this sort of thing.

Be ash and cinder forevermore!

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DakkaDakka | Where you thank the mods for baning you! 
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Cairo, Egypt

Good discussion partners, witty, intelligent and funny replies.

And unlike FB threads don't disappear after a day or two.

Now if it just had a good mobile site...

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Poisonous Tomb Scorpion

Fun place full of nice people. Also nice place full of fun people.

Really, it's nice to have an open place where everyone can express their many and varied opinions.

Bharring wrote:
-I get to see many different viewpoints and personalities. Which helps expand my own.

This, too. I love expanding my personalities. The more, the merrier I say!

Nehekhara lives! Sort of! 
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Wicked Warp Spider

Poking the GW faithful for shirts and giggles

Also keep kind of up to date on multiple games

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Wicked Warp Spider

Sharing ideas, keeping motivated and hopefuly motivating others as well as learning and getting better at the hobby.

I find the good peoples of dakka very helpful and always take time to offer advice. I feel guilty for not DCMing...

https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/772746.page#10378083 - My progress/failblog painting blog thingy

AngryAngel80 wrote:
I don't know, when I see awesome rules, I'm like " Baby, your rules looking so fine. Maybe I gotta add you to my first strike battalion eh ? "
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Norn Queen

Dublin, Ireland

Usually very helpful especially in the modelling and painting sub forums.
Good, diverse range of knowledge and interests in the hobby.
Super image hosting.
Good news section.
Some nice people on it

Dman137 wrote:
goobs is all you guys will ever be

By 1-irt: Still as long as Hissy keeps showing up this is one of the most entertaining threads ever.

"Feelin' goods, good enough". 
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Perfect Shot Ultramarine Predator Pilot


The wealth of gaming experience and modelling advice/encouragement on here. Sharing the results of my painting and games. Seeing some of the amazing painting that some of you do. Discussing storage options.

I do wish the continual RAW vs RAI and GW suck arguments didn't derail so many gaming threads though.

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Upstate, New York

Nice question.

I enjoy Dakka in a lot of different ways.

I can’t get to the FLGS as often as I’d like, so Dakka lets me scratch that itch virtually. We are a social hobby. Chatting with our peers, seeing their models, asking advice and opinions, etc. While I might not be able to get a game in here, most of the other aspects of the hobby can be found here. As part of that, we are a community. We are here together. I feel a sense of belonging here and I don’t get elsewhere. Old forums like Dakka have more continuity then the flash-now of other social media. With my life these days I can’t be a “regular” at a FLGS; one of the core guys who helps shape the space. I feel I can here. While I might not be as opinionated or vocal as some of the other regulars here, I feel I help represent the quiet moderates, and the old guard. I enjoy helping others. I’ve been in this hobby for a long time. I enjoy the role of Living Ancestor, a repository of ancient knowledge. One of the highest complements I’ve received here, that touched my heart, is when someone told me they read my posts in the voice of Gandalf.

I like the varied opinions, even if I disagree. While I think strict RAW is impossible to play, and counter to a fun game, it’s good as a reference point. Nice to have the lawyers hash it out. (although it could be more civil). I don’t play tournaments, or feel the need to mathhammer out a min/maxed army, but that information is good to have on hand. Dakka lets us get in touch with such a wide and varied group of gamers and painters. All sorts from across the world. And that broad base of experience is eye opening to things you might not think about, or give you a new perspective to an old thought.

I have my blog here on Dakka. It lets me easily host images, and offers a platform for me to work on. I use my blog as a motivational tool, to keep me focused and moving forward. I lets me get advice, input and opinions. I feel a kinship with those who follow my blog, and of those who’s blogs I follow. More than other parts of Dakka, the sense of community in the blog and painting sections is very strong. We are there for each other, to encourage and support, to advise and critique. We are not just a scattered group of painters across the globe, but friends working together. Worlds apart, but just in the next room.

I could ramble on for more, but should probably wrap this up. What I like about Dakka is the community, the sense of belonging. Which is something I really need at the moment, so am glad I can find it here.

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Pyromaniac Hellhound Pilot

The Community. Been on here a long time. Kid Kyoto always has great posts.

I miss a lot of the personalities that used to be here...Gwar, Stelek just to name a couple.

But seeing people on here from 10 years ago is always great.

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The bulletin board format is so much easier to use than stuff like reddit or facebook, and the content in the Painting & Modelling forums is just fantastic.
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