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So recently I've attempted to order some minis from Wayland Games, and at every step they've been obstructing my order.

First my order was held up because I had unwittingly bought an item that was only "available to order" instead of "in stock", which could mean waiting for several months while Wayland arranges a new batch of said item (and I don't have that time for this project), and my first few attempts to contact customer support were either totally ignored (via support tickets), or diverted and fobbed-off (via phone).

When I finally got someone to actually take a look at my order, everything seemed to be working. The extraneous item was removed and refunded, and shortly thereafter the order was dispatched.

After a few days of waiting, I checked the order tracking to see whether it was on its way, and my order had been delivered to a Yodel depot that I am unable to travel to, and that is in another country from the one I am currently in. Said depot was refusing to deliver the package to my addresses (I have people in the area I can use as proxies), and required that I visit in person with photo ID.

I have now sent an email to their Customer Support requesting that they send it to my delivery address (as is recorded on my order record on their site), but I am rather fed up with this nonsense.

Had anyone else had similar experiences with Wayland Games, and if so, why do they do this?

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I've had nothing like your experience with them in many years.

1) Their site today is normally far more accurate with regard to stock levels and displaying them to the customer. So chances are the "available to order" model/item was clearly displayed as such (or you were unlucky and you and one other person ordered for the last copy at around the same time).

2) I've had slow postage from Wayland, indeed many have (though their stock display being more accurate has resovled part of that at least). but I've never had my parcels sent to the wrong country before! That sounds really really odd unless you've been abroad and set your default address to the wrong one in their listings or somesuch?

3) I've never had much trouble contacting their customer support and always found that they resolved things without any issue. I've even had some orders on wait for a long time and had their customer service system contact me directly asking if I wanted to keep the order going or refund.

It sounds like you've had a really abnormal experience with them. Though I can't speak about the telephone contact as I don't recall ever having the need to call them.

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Protip with Wayland- only ever order what is in stock. Never get stuff on backorder with them. Do this and you’ll have no problems.

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