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Made in ca
Regular Dakkanaut

Do people actually use hounds or skull cannons? How are they finding them?
Made in gb
Crazed Spirit of the Defiler


It'll be pretty tragic if people have stopped using flesh hounds in 8th, right after they've finally received a (really nice looking) plastic kit and been awesome for years

Hydra Dominatus 
Made in gb
Horrific Howling Banshee

I use flesh hounds, two units of 5 with a Herald on Juggernaut.

It's relatively cheap, 2 denies on a fast base which pumps out a lot of str 6 ap-1 d1 attacks each when it is charged/charges and can horribly mangle most screens, whilst looking scarier than they really are.

In mono khorne I give them a c. In mixed daemons I rate them as B as mobile, cheap denies are always fantastic and will eat non elite infantry or any MEQ without invuns for breakfast.

Skullcannons - points for effect - actually surprisingly good. the model is god awful to paint but for point effectiveness it's kinda funny Khorne provides the best long range fire support.
Made in us
Savage Khorne Berserker Biker


I don't use the cannons. When I do play daemons, I do use 3 until of flesh hounds. They're a pretty solid unit.
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

NE Ohio, USA

Well, seeing as my Khorne demon case has 40 Flesh hounds + Karanak in it....

Yeah, odds are good you'll see some hounds. Especially as the new ones are some of my favorite models.
As for the cannon? I use them. I can't manage to roll for crap with them here in 40k.... But if I could make the rolls they'd work well. Over in AoS I roll fantastic with them.

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