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Been Around the Block

Ukraine Kharkiv

Hello friends!
The IFG team is back and want to share with you our second kickstarter project.
In this kisktarter we want you to help us release two new factions: Space Pirates and Asgars.
If the pirates is something understandable i think i should tell more about the Asgars. You will now find this info on our kickstarter, something i post here is unique and pnly fpr DakkaDakka comunity,

The Asgars are the ancient alien race that rules the galaxy for millenia until 2000 years ago the unknown force called "The Others" nearly destroyed the Asgar empire. Since that time the Asgars a locked them selfs within their own borders, doesnt care about the fate of other reces in the galaxy.
They are society of technocrats with the technology level every other race believes close to magic.
The names of the Asrags and their warrior robots are well known to Terrans, since long ago the Asgars was the gods of Earth, Athena, Tor, Gor and many others. They left Earth long ago but now than the human exited their sector of space the Asgars desides to intervene.
Please visit our kickstarter draft and feel free to give us any ideas on advices on how we could improuve it.
[Thumb - Asgars on Verge_of_war_Kickstarter logo.jpg]

[Thumb - Pirates on Verge_of_war_Kickstarter logo.jpg]

[Thumb - All free pose minis.jpg]

Be smart, be safe, and keep your biggest gun loaded. 
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That way,then left

The kickstarter is now live! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1560931765/verge-of-war-sci-fi-wargame-space-pirates-asgars
Made in ua
Been Around the Block

Ukraine Kharkiv

Thank you! We are doing good progress so far, please support us and unlock the strech goals!

Be smart, be safe, and keep your biggest gun loaded. 
Made in us
Myrmidon Officer


Those Asgars' concepts look nice, especially the harpies and canines. I wish there were some models' pictures, however.

I'm wary due to the existence of an early bird pledge bonus. This usually dissuades people from pledging if they missed it, and the project falls short of its potential.
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