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Made in us
Happy Imperial Citizen

The Redamant Corpse are a relatively new renegade Space Marine Chapter of unknown founding. Formerly known as the Redamant Throne, the chapter plunged into heresy following the opening of the Great Rift. Led by Praetor Syfal the Opportunistic, the renegades have expanded their empire beyond that of their home sub-sector Aurorous. Fielding innumerable masses of cultists and bolstered by elite traitor guardsmen from dozens of fortress worlds, nothing short of a small Crusade could hope to reconquer the worlds lost.

This army will be my main focus in my 40k life. My focus for the army is more lore than crunch and so the army is going to have a large traitor guard presence.

Completed Models
5 Chaos Space Marines
20 Cultists
10 Renegade Militia
26 Renegade Marauders

I started painting with my cultists to improve my skill before moving on to my Chaos marines. Let's start with my first two models I ever painted and move onto the rest of the cultists. I used a mixture of XV-88/Steel Legion Drab, Kantor Blue, and Mephiston Red for the colors as they were the only ones I had. I used a bit too much shading on a few models and they are shiny as a result. Hopefully when clear coated they will be toned down. One of them was my first attempt at drybrushing which I abandoned right away and said good enough.

From the cultists I moved onto my marines. I decided to make a 5 man testing squad to see where to move from there. The main body is Kantor Blue, shaded with Drakenhof Nightshade, highlighted in Altdorf Guard Blue, and finally highlighted in Fenrisian Grey. The lighter blue area is Teclis Blue, shaded in Drakenhof, and recovered in Teclis. The left arm is Leadbelcher, shaded in Reikland Fleshshade several times, highlighted in Runefang Steel. The left shoulder pad is Ceramite White, covered in Zandri Dust, shaded in Reikland, highlighted in Zandri Dust, Karak Stone, and finally Ushabanti Bone.

I didn't like my skill as a painted with my marines quite yet and put them on hold for now. I decided to move onto traitor guardsmen so my marines will have a meatshield when on the field. The first part of the army is the Renegade Marauders. These guys were made from the bodies of Mechanicum Tech-Thralls with Catachan Arms. The shotguns were made from the normal catachan lasgun arms with the front of the gun replaced by a section of a flamer. All metal bits are Leadbelcher with several layers of Reikland Fleshshade, highlighted with Necron Compound.The pants are Steel Legion Drab, shaded in Reikland Fleshshade, with Zandri dust as the highlight. The flesh is Bugman's Glow, shaded with Reikland Fleshshade, and highlighted with several slayers of very watered down Cadian Fleshtone. The eyes are made using leadbelcher as the base, covered in multiple layers of Bloodletter slowly getting larger around the eyes, topped off with Spiritstone Red.

Some of them have a rusted look to them. This was achieved from the normal Typhus Corrosion and Ryza Rust combo.

The Renegade Miltia units will be an odd bunch. I'm going to have a mix of Forgeworld's old militia conversions mixed with normal guardsmen with cultist looking heads. The khakis are painted in Kantor Blue, shaded in Reikland Fleshshade, highlighted in Fenrisian Grey, while the flak vests are Leadbelcher, shaded with Reikland Fleshshade, and highlighted in Runefang Steel.

Let's all take a moment to thank the Omnissiah for the airbrush STC data.

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CSM army: 4250 pts (Began painting.)
Grot army: 1200 pts (Began Painting)
DA army: 1600 pts (Some painted, some primed.) 
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