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Made in us
Been Around the Block

Hey All i have been experimenting with Tyranid soup combinations in an effort to shore up pit falls in my Nid army.

This list is going against an ork list. No idea what it will be but its going to be orky.

The snipers deal with the command structures of my opponent. I use the Grand-sires gifts to dish out 3 relics. The locus and the Patriarch are tag teaming denying over-watch. Might from beyond turns the patriarch into a battle cannon. Depending on who i am fighting the gift from beyond will go on the Sanctus or the Jackal Alphus. They tend to tag team a target using the turn they arrive to pull off a perfect ambush and hopefully pull down a high value target. The Kellermorph rides in on/with the Flyrant and clears out the chaff turn 2 when they arrive in the back field. Possibly fulling off a perfect ambush with the kellermorph because 20-24 shots is just too good.

Each Broodlord gets a unit of Genestealers and rushes to a target.

Termiguants are just there to deny deep strike and secure back field objectives. the exocrine and the hive tyrant stay within striking range of each other.

14-3CP means i have 11 command points to putz around with mostly dedicated to re-rolling sniper shots of 1. There is a list alteration i have getting rid of the locus and snagging a nexos just to farm points. but the locus feels more "heroic".

The psychic phase is also going to be bonkers. i plan on crushing any huge unit of boys by casting mass hypnosis and horror on them o get -2 to hit. ideally a dead ork leader and -2 to hit will save the genestealers.

Vanguard Detachment GSC

Warlord HQ Twisted Helix
Patriarch Might from beyond, Mass Hypnosis, Biomorph adaptation, Elixir of the Prime Specimen, Familiar

HQ 2
Jackal Alphus

Sanctus Gift from Beyond
Locus Amulet of the Voidwyrm

Battalion Detachment Kraken hive fleet
Broodlord Smite, Catalyst
Broodlord Smite, Horror
Broodlord Smite, Paraoxysm

Gene Stealers x16 Acid maw x4
Gene Stealers x16 Acid maw x4
Gene Stealers x16 Acid maw x4

Battalion Detachment Kronos
Flyrant Stranglethorn cannon, Monstrous Rending Claws, Smite, psychic scream, Catalyst
Hive Tyrant Monstrous Bone Sword Lash Whip, Heavy Venom Ccannon, Smite, Onslaught, Dominion

Termigaunts x12 Fleshborers
Termigaunts x12 Fleshborers
Termigaunts x13 Fleshborers

Heavy Support

Let me know if i need anything else.
Made in gb
Tough Tyrant Guard


No kidding- that’s a lot of psykers!

Do you need 3 broodlords though? Could maybe drop one and squeeze in some devilgaunts or an acid spray tyrannofex for more horde control if you had the models. Other than that it looks fun to play!

When do you/did you play the orks?

Masochist: Hit me!
Sadist: No.

Hive Fleet Kronos 3500pts
Craftworld {Insert eldar name} 3000 pts
1000pts and growing fast
P+M blog http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/338826.page

Made in us
Been Around the Block

Played today it was a close gsme the whole time. This list is suuupper fun to play. The question about who to give the gift fro beyond sniper rifle has arissen. Also kellermorphs contonie to ne a total mvp

3 broodlords is tne right number unless tku want to field 9 more genestealers
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