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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Ok, I’m looking for some criticism of this chaos deamons list. It’ll be played under ITC format.

Deamon Battalion (Undivided)

Skullreaver DP
Sloppity Bilepiper
29 Plaguebearers w/ banner
29 Plaguebearers w/ banner
15 bloodletters w/ banner

Chaos Battalion (Tzeentch)

TSons terminator sorcerer w/ familiar
10 Brimstone horrors
29 pink horrors w/ banner
28 tzaangors w/ instrument

TSons Supreme Command
2x Deamon prince of tzeentch with wings/talons

For psychic powers Ill take one offensive power and one buffing power on each thousand sons sorcerer, with two offensive powers and one buffing on Ahriman. Poxbringer gets miasma, changecaster gets gaze of fate. Most games Ill start the pinks/letters in deepstrike with a banner of blood on the letters. One of the TSons DP is warlord, the other gets the dark matter crystal for tzaangors.

Made in gb
Crazed Spirit of the Defiler


Only slight changes I'd make would be less pinks more bloodletters. You can drop down to 20 pinks without banner and max out that bloodletter bomb. Thinking mostly for lists with lots of tough bodies and high saves you're really down to you DPs to deal with that.

Your Tzaangors will clear screen pretty well with 20 pinks mopping up afterwards.

If you have the points I'm also fond of the fateskimmer over the changecaster. You generally don't need to deepstrike him because of his 14"movement (saving cp) and he is much more able to follow the DP to buff them to str 8. Plus he's not bad in assault.
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Most of the characters will spend the better part of the game behind the plaguebearers screen, so faster movement doesn’t really matter too much, also I spend more cp deepstrike got 21+ bloodletters, but Ill Look at running 20 and dropping one more from each other a squad.
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