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Made in us
Powerful Phoenix Lord

Dallas area, TX

So I have my "competitive" list pretty well set for now. Hemlocks, Spears, Rangers, All Alaitoc

But I play at a more casual LGS that isn't always super cut-throat (outside of tourneys at least) and I want to have a list ready that includes some units I really like, but don't always make the cut in my more competitive lists.
I also do NOT want to use Alaitoc since that immediately bumps most units in power (though that could be in option if I need to crank the list up a bit)

___Battalion___+5 CP
Farseer Skyrunner w/ Doom & Fortune
Warlock Skyrunner w/ Protect/Jinx

20 Guardians w/ 2 Shuricannon platforms
5 Rangers
5 Rangers

Night Spinner

___Supreme Command____+1CP
Autarch Skyrunner w/ Lance, Banshee mask & Reaper launcher (Mark of the Incomparable Hunter & Shimmerplume of Achillrial)
Autarch Skyrunner w/ Lance, Banshee mask & Fusion gun
Autarch Skyrunner w/ Lance, Banshee mask & Fusion gun
WraithKnight w/ Suncannon/Shield & 2 Star cannons

Hemlock Wraithfighter w/ Jinx
Hemlock Wraithfighter w/ Jinx
Crimson Hunter Exarch w/ Star cannons
------------------------------------------------------------------[ 1998 pts] 10CPs

So what CW should I pick? Saim-Hann tends to be my go-to after Alaitoc, mostly because I've been Saim-Hann themed since 4E, but also because it's a pretty 'meh' trait for the units I have, so it works well to tone down the overall power of the list for casual games.
But what about Iyanden? Would be good for both the WK and the Guardians, and to a lesser extend the CHE & Night Spinner



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Made in de
Ladies Love the Vibro-Cannon Operator


Well, I usually play Biel-Tan when the army is shuriken-heavy.
In your case, Alaitoc is still the best choice.
Iyanden is only really appliable to your Wraithknight.

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Lanchester's square law - please obey in list building!

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Made in us
Powerful Phoenix Lord

Dallas area, TX

 wuestenfux wrote:
Iyanden is only really appliable to your Wraithknight.
And the Guardians. Lesser extent to the Crimson hunter and Night spinner.
That might what I go with just for that. I don't have enough shuriken fire for Biel-tan, Ulthwe is redundant for the Hemlocks and Fortune, Saim-hann only makes sense for the Autarchs.

So I think Iyanden it is, Alaitoc if I need to crank it up


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