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Fresh-Faced New User

Brigade Detachment.
Tau Sept.
Commander, coldstar battlesuit, x3 flamers, advanced targeting system, vectored maneuvering thrusters, through unity devastation, warlord = 123.

x2 cadre fireblades = 84.

6x5 strike teams, markerlight = 228.

x2 riptide battlesuits, advanced targeting system, target lock = 560.

x3 firesight marksmen = 75.

Fast Attack.
3x5 pathfinder teams, x3 ion rifles = 156.

2x10 shield drones = 200.

Heavy Support.
2x2 broadside battlesuits, x2 high yield missile pods, advanced targeting system = 484.

x5 sniper drones = 90.

Total = 2000.
Models = 75 + 7 monsters.
Command Points = 12+3 = 15.

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Made in us
Focused Fire Warrior


I'm curious about the coldstar with flamers, it's throwing away a 2+ BS for weapons that randomly hit priced for BS4+. You'd probably get as many shots with burst cannons but at higher S and not need to get so close meaning a different choice of relic is possible (though not necessary, ours aren't that interesting imo).

Riptide and broadside combo is good for keeping your heavy hitters alive and with versatile weapons.
Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

It's more about left over points really, I wanted 3 fusion blasters. Just thought the flamers would be cooler as he can advance 40 late game for far flung objectives and still shoot but 3 burst cannons can work too. Leaves 3 points spare.

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