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Bad Squiddo Games are excited to be launching our 6th Kickstarter, this time for Amazons and Dwarves in 28mm high quality white metal.

We’ve built up a solid reputation through our mixture of traditional web sales and Kickstarters, as well as presence around trade shows, so you know you can count on us!

The preview page is up now for you to check out, and this link will turn into a LIVE LINK at 6pm UK time when we launch.

Our Kickstarters tend to be pretty short, and this ends 9th of June, so don’t hang about!

Everything is sculpted and master moulded, so we’re just after the final push to get them into production.

The Dwarves are equipped for dungeon exploring or perhaps smaller skirmish games like Frostgrave and Open Combat. The Amazons have various historical references in there but are fantasy for pure “rule of cool”, they’d work well in “history lite” ancients games as well as similar fantasy. A new SAGA warband for Age of Magic perhaps mixed in with some plastic troops…
Despite having a wicked team of freelancers, Bad Squiddo is still just myself (Annie) so every bit of support really does mean the world. Even if you’re not into Amazons or Dwarves, the better this Kickstarter does, the sooner we’ll have more miniatures in our historical range – cash injection!

Here’s a couple of pictures for you!

I’ll be at UK Game Expo on the Sarissa stand this weekend (they’ve got some racks of quality Bad Squiddo products!) and 2pm Saturday in the pub next to the entrance is the Bad Squiddo Meet Up, I’ll bring some cool stuff to show off. (search “Bad Squiddo Beers” on Facebook)

Thank you,
Annie (Bad Squiddo Boss Person)

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Cool. I'd been waiting for the amazons, but for some reason I decided I needed the dwarves as well.

Finally finished my LoER contest entry. With a couple of bonus Vanguard models as well..

Painting total as of 6/16/2019: 51 plus a wooden bridge and gnoll encampment and 28 pieces of Mantic scatter terrain and three fly holes and three farm buildings and a fire pit.

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Thanks Josh, nice to have you on board again!

Wow £7k already!

I'll update the KS and unveil some stretch goals when I get to the office

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There are definitely some useful figures in that set. I like the dwarf monk for some reason quite a a bit. Can we get a picture of what "8 Lumps" of food/treasure looks like? Is the shown picture all 8 lumps pushed together, I would assume?
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Thank you!

No problems, I'll get some links added to the campaign for the add ons too



They are lovely, lovely packs!

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Well day one has been an utter blast. Thank you everyone who has taken part so far, we unlocked some brilliant badges with artwork from Martin Whitmore, and, most excitingly…. Norbert the Pack Pony.

I did a live video earlier showing off some of the minis and dabbing ink on to bring out the detail, you can watch it here

Here are said badges!

And Norbert! The coolest pony in town! He’s a big lump of metal (mega chonk) and comes equipped with SAUSAGES ON STRINGS, garlic, rum, beer, cardigans and even a little bag of magic dust!

I’ll be at UK Game Expo all weekend on the Sarissa stand 1-494 so if you’re there, come by and I’ll show you some goodies! Same if you see me wandering around, I’ll have the Bad Squiddo T shirt on!

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Apologies for the quiet, I've been working at UK Games EXPO in Birmingham, 3 days of super hard work.

There's one more day left, I'm typing this from the hotel before I head back there for the final day, so if you're there and haven't come over yet, here's the map, we're on Sarissa Precision's stand.

So since the last update.....

We unlocked Norbert!

So he's automatically added to the All-in pledges (and two for the....two of everything pledge) and anyone else can add him for £8. He's a delightful little scamp, with his garlic, beers, sleeping bag, cardigan, keg.....


We unlocked STICKERS!

More Martin Whitmore delights!

If you want any extra, just increase your pledge by £1 (and in the pledge manager you can let us know which ones you want)
AND THEN.............

(I know, I meant to update last night and the night before, but I pretty much fell into the hotel bed)




Same with the others, if you're not in an all in pledge you can add these for £8 by clicking the "manage your pledge" button. Or if you are in Pledge #4 or #5 and want.....more.... you can add them the same way. Everyone needs more, they're the best thing to ever grace the tabletop world. Not biased of course.

I've been showing everyone at Expo my lil inked peegasus, it's amazing. Many excite!


The peeg sprite that comes with Thea, Amazon captain, will be added to pledges. Starting at #4 and #5 for the £12,000 mark, but subsequent stretches will roll out to basically everyone getting one. These can't be bought as add ons and will only be available post Kickstarter in the pack with Thea.

I had a cast out at the Bad Squiddo Beers meet up and the "awwwwwwwwwwwww" was immense. So smol! And with such a dinky lil rider! Eeeee!

Then.... we have another stretch goal.

You will be able to see it before the campaign ends, it's being sculpted right now......

It has an Amazon AND a Dwarf in it! More info to come on that, but it is going to be....hamazing.


I did a little impromptu live video on Facebook the other day just showing off some casts and inking them up so you can see the detail better. There's some cool backstory on Norbert that emerges!


In the coming week I'll be doing more live/interactive videos, such as painting some peegasus. I might try Kickstarter LIVE, even though it's been pretty terrible before, I think it was mostly the fault of the connection at my old place. I reckon we meet at KS Live, then if it all goes to pot we can jump over to Kickstarter. Good plan? I'll let you know in advance, it'll be an evening in UK time, and you'll be able to catch it later on too in case you miss it.

Once I'm back from the EXPO I'll be back on more regular updates and show offs and posts and all that! It's just been super hard as I've been glued to the stand.

Apart from Bad Squiddo beers, our annual meet up, which was a hoot as always! The place was super crowded and we couldn't fit everyone in shot, but here's a chunk!

I was passing around a load of master casts, and THEY ALL CAME BACK! HOORAY! And nobody dropped the tiny sprite!

Right I better get up and off to this EXPO.

See you soon, and keep telling your friends!


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Female dwarves and they don't have beards?
The feth is this gak?
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Under the couch

 dan2026 wrote:
Female dwarves and they don't have beards?
The feth is this gak?

Something other than one of the couple of fantasy settings where female dwarfs have beards?

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New update, with more stretch goals added....

including a....noogie!

and the Ranger is painted!

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Some sneak peaks of some cracking new stretch goals! Should have some more pictures by this evening.

Also, I should be live streaming painting one of the dwarfs tonight from Kickstarter LIVE, do come along! (8pm is the plan!)


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live thingy, I'll be painting a dorf and chatting

here at 20:15 GMT!


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Hooray! The peeg sprite is unlocked!

It's a baby guinea pig with a little fairy rider. It is SO SMALL!

If you were at the Bad Squiddo meet up at UK Games Expo, please do comment below on HOW TEENY AND PRECIOUS IT IS!

It comes in a pack with Thea, but for the KS only it will be on it's own. One for every pledge of #4 and #5. Don't worry, at £13,500 it will be added to pledge level #2 and #3 as well. WHEEEEEEEEEEP!

We weren't going to, but what the heck. These new stretch goals are auto added (for free!) to pledge #4 and #5, but like the others, can be added by anyone for the amount shown on the image.

Kythera is a dwarf barbarian who uses sharpened bones fashioned into mitts for mega close combat damage. A tank that does not shy away from getting stuck in... literally.

Lots of people have been asking for a dwarf with a beard, and I was uncomfortable of doing it for the novelty value or to fit someone else's fluff. However, some women do have beards, and we are all for representation, so I found a way to meet in the middle.

Kythera is based on.....Kythera, a customer and friend (and great painter !!) who has outstanding facial hair, not too far off a famous wolverine based character. So she will now be immortalised (hopefully, if we unlock her!) in metal forever, in her LARP gear and suitable weaponry. She said it was awesome so long as she gets to paint the box art...........deal!

The sculpt is almost finished, pretty much needs her base and a bone sharpen once the putty is dry, there will be more pictures then. I am so happy with the sculpt, real menacing!
Sharper images to come, the sculpt is 95% finished, some tweaks to be done.

The following stretch goal is....Lehana, Amazon Champion She's in a dynamic pose with a kickass flail. Shane is still finishing her off and hey, give you a little bit and keep you wanting more right, can't show it all at once! Rest assured she is the baddest of asses.

Yes three brand new sculpts!... Kind of! Almost four!

This last one is.... an Amazon giving a noogie to a Dwarf. If this doesn't translate well to other languages... a noogie is basically where you put someone in a headlock and rub your knuckles on their head. Typing it makes it sound strange...

Alan Marsh is working on them as we speak.....well... depending on what time you read this anyway, he might be sleeping. Alan sculpted the vignettes for Freyja's Wrath and you can guarantee this will be AMAZING. No Pressure Alan.

Hooray for more stretch goals!

So three more stretch goals.... kaboom! The pledge levels #4 and #5 just got even better value for money. Because the KS is going so well, I think you're ace, and well, we all want more amazing dwarves and amazons. Don't worry if you're in a different pledge level, you can still add these to your pledges. If you head to "manage your pledge" you can increase by whatever you like, or even change pledge levels. Make sure to check out the add ons from the existing range too as there are three more amazons and one more dwarf in there, and a cool bundle for selecting a nice chunk of extra complimentary figures. The same with the excellent terrain, all sculpted by Ristul. For sizing and extra information on the latter, check here. Anything you add to your pledge at this stage rather than afterwards at the pledge manager will help unlock those lovely new things.


I mentioned in the last update that you need to see the pocket peeg, and now I have a picture, yay!

So the ranger has both a shoulder peeg (guinea pig) sidekick, as well as another pocket peeg in her bag to aid with the reloading. What a champ! This is definitely one of my favourite packs.

Back to all the other 8 million things I need to do, thanks for reading!

I've updated the main page with unlocks and bits too, check it out!

Thank you so much


Made in au
Destructive Daemon Prince

Melbourne .au

 insaniak wrote:
 dan2026 wrote:
Female dwarves and they don't have beards?
The feth is this gak?

Something other than one of the couple of rather embarrassing fantasy settings where female dwarfs have beards?


On a more serious note - Annie - please send notifications out via KS to backers of previous campaigns. If I hadn't happened to look at Dakka today (and I don't read Dakka every day - or even every week these days) I wouldn't have seen this campaign at all. Send out the news as an update to previous campaigns!

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Good point! I hate the idea of seeming spammy, but I guess that's what KS is! I'll get those off today, thank you

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Yay! After we announced Kythera yesterday, a whole bunch of pledges came in, and she was unlocked by this morning. FIERCE!

So she is available added on free to pledges All-in and Two in the Hand, but may be added to other pledge levels for just £4 per Kythera (yeah I know, some of you are totally adding multiple!)

Next stretch goal up is £14,00 for Lehana.

She has a flail, she's brutal. We should have a full picture by tomorrow.... and unlock her tomorrow... right...right? Hehe. After that we have the vignette which we SHOULD have a photo of tomorrow also. I think you're gonna get hyped to heck when you see these! YUSSSSSSSS!

I had a bit of a play about in the garden today. A chunk of the painted minis are still with the painter, so I used what I got! It was nice to see them in a setting, and alongside each other.

First up is Agna.

I felt she needed a new picture as the current one doesn't do her as much justice. She is an existing Bad Squiddo miniature that can be added to any pledge for £4. She was our first ever dwarf, sculpted by the same sculptor - Shane Hoyle - and fits in perfect with the rest. Their Dark Norse Berserker cousin. She would make such a good strike team with Kythera, her left hand (that you can't see) has some swish claws on too. Shown with flowers....because. Not enough flowers in this KS.

This is two of the existing Amazons

(Available as add ons - Rania £4 and one of the Amazon Fighters £10) having a chat with our Dwarf Captain. She's not looking impressed, she wants to talk to the main person in charge, not these lieutenants. They've been keeping stern but resigned to the fact that peace will not be made soon.

And finally...for now.. (I had a whole photoshoot!)
Our monk throwing her staff for the pupper!

This is a different angle of her showing off some of the intricate sculpting of her hairdo. There are so many details in the miniatures it's hard to show it all off sometimes.

Who's a good boy.... who's a good boy.....! rufffffffff!

I hope you enjoyed this latest batch of silliness. I'll put up some more of my flowery photoshoot tomorrow! It was fun!
More pro paint jobs

I JUST received pictures from painter John Morris of the latest paintings. The first of the new Amazons. NICE HEY! We went for red because of our emails back and forth last week that pretty much said "SPARTAAAAAAAAA!". The lady on the far right isn't at the best angle, but that's what I've got so far, I can assure you she is not blue! I kept the faded pic of the sculpt so you can see her expression. Ferocious. The lady on the far left should be finished up tomorrow and in the next update for you.

That's all for now!

We were going to do a live paintalong of the Peegasus tonight but due to being a bit behind with other Bad Squiddo chores (so much for one person!), I'm not going to. There may be one Saturday, but I will make sure I get that wizard finished, and some peegasus painted and photographed for you.

Thank you everyone who has been sharing posts around the internet. Keep an eye on the Facebook and if you can share posts to relevant groups it will really help smash those last stretch goals.

Right, back to my chores...... (starting with the Newsletter - might see you there!)


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First of all, I love your representation on the girls(I would buy them, but my area only plays FoW and Games Workshop). Keep up the good work.

Secondly, I like the dwarves, but you should seriously give a complete overhaul of the amazons because Mophidius just announced an Elder Scrolls minis game and your models look dangerously similar to the Imperials.

Might not be a bad idea to ditch the Berserker until the game is long released, either.
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The similarities are tenuous. Also I had to google it to see what you meant. Many, many people have used Ancient Greece and Egypt as an artistic inspirational point.

The Amazons and berserker (and everything else) aren't going anywhere, being our original designs, and I have zero fear of any trouble.

Unless the inventor of pterugres comes through a Bill and Ted time machine anyway, then I at least owe her or him a cup of tea.

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All the unlocks!

Please spare a moment for Alan Marsh and Shane Hoyle, the Bad Squiddo sculptors who were told "Nahhhh we won't need any extra stretch goals" then got calls last weekend of "Hey.... how's it going.... how's those stretchy sculpting hands...." They've been working like beasts to make sure you get pictures before the end of the campaign.

Lehana is out the box! All fear her mighty swing! She is added free with pledges #4 and #5, and can be added even more and to other pledges by upping your pledge by £4.

Also excitingly... so is the Noogie Vignette!


Isn't it adorable?! I coloured the dwarf in green so that you can see her clearly in the limbs tangle! I guess this is how that scenario I put in the last update panned out? A SUCCESSFUL MEETING!

It makes me so happy to be getting these miniatures into production, and it's because of you! YAY! This is what the tabletop world needs more of hey!


Wild hey? I finally got some hobby time in.... on my own miniatures!

I painted the Wizard, I haven't decided on a name, any suggestion? She's to join my infamous Chaos Gnomes army. I'm biased, but she was a joy to paint!


So the teeny weeny peeg sprite with lil fairy amazon rider was unlocked as a freebie to pledges #4 and #5. It's exclusive to the KS on it's own (only available afterwards with Thea, Amazon Champion).

But if we hit £16,000, everyone who pledges at least £15 on the Kickstarter will get one for free. Regardless of pledge level. (This increases the scope of the unlock, pledges #5 and #6 don't get additional!)

In honour of this, our artist Martin Whitmore is doing more artwork... of the peeg sprite! This won't be til after the Kickstarter, but will be another cool thing. I may end up putting some more merch stuff in the pledge manager that won't be part of the campaign as such (you've bled me dry with these stretch goals!) but available as add ons. Sugggestions on a post card.. or the comments. I'm thinking MUGS. That's all the artwork from the campaign. Including the peegasus. I also have longer term plans for hte Bad Squiddo art...stay tooned.

What to expect tomorrow:

Finished painted pictures of the Peegasi!
Finished painted picture of the Amazon Spearguard.
Me losing my mind spamming the entire internet to remind them it's the last day.
Everything unlocked?
Big roundups and reminders
Something out of the blue
An excited video?*
An excited video with peegs in it?*

*these might be Monday!


Please do scream and shout about this across the internet! As a small company that has it's head screwed on, there is no such thing as overfunded! Any excess will speedup our next projects. I f you see me spamming about, do give it a bump. The internet is a vast void where you have to keep going "arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" to be seen.


Thank you!

Oh also, I had a sneak peak on Paul Muller's paint bench....


Catch ya later, peegilators!



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We're in those final hours now, phew, what a ride.

With the team all maxed out, I managed to recruit a new one - Paul Muller of GW painting and sculpting fame (now Midblight Miniatures as well as freelance sculptor) He hasn't painted in a long time, being primarily a sculptor now, but he was enthused to break the dry spell with my peegasi, and the spearguard! They look fantastic, let's have a look.

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! They're painted up in the style of the Bad Squiddo Peegs. They're far less noisy.

I then had a play about with them and the Dwarf Wizard I painted, to make a scene where she's reading them all a fairy tale. I can't decide whether this or the vignette is the cutest thing in the hobby.

Paul also painted this lady, she is cracking. She reminds me a bit of the Night King from GoT, the look of disdain, and like she's raising some fury, but also the Gladiator style "are you not entertained?"

Or perhaps, sending some flying monkeys, I mean, flying peegs, to cause some trouble...


The campaign ends soon, eeeeeeeeeeeee!



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