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Made in us
Been Around the Block

Hello everyone.

I've been thinking about getting into Team Yankee for quite some time now. So I was wondering on how to get started.

I've heard that the US, UK, Netherlands and Israel are very beginner friendly, is this true?

Feel free to leave suggestions down below and have a good day!

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Made in us
Dakka Veteran

I dunno I have to be interested in a army to get me through building and painting. A lot of time people suggest a army as "beginner friendly" simply because the low model count typically means it's cheaper to get in to.
Me I went with a East German T-55 horde and thanks to Plastic Soldier Company the price for the tanks, and hinds was pretty reasonable.
Made in us
Martial Arts SAS

America is very much a beginner army. Just all around the best bang for the pts and money wise. Have you played a Battlefront game before?

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Made in gb

Somerset uk

Team Yankee is also getting some new stuff later in the year in the form of a new rule book plus some pics on new British kit have been shown. Ie challenger tanks and warrior ifvs.

Now i think team Yankee will just be going under the name ww3. Also the British challenger comes with desert options, that will be cool as am building an American desert storm force then so will grab some as an allied formation.

Who doesn’t love abrams and challengers.
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