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Regular Dakkanaut

Major GT coming up and I was looking for advice on my list. Running pure Harlequins because I despise Drukhari and Craftworlds. Would love to hear what you think!

2,000 points
7 command points [ 3(battleforge) + 5(battalion) + 1(outrider) - 1(auxiliary) -1(additional relic)]
10 drops
43 models

Outrider Detachment 1CP (Harlequins) [46pl, 1025pts]
Masque: Silent Shroud

Shadowseer [7pl, 125pts] (Warlord - A Foot in the Future) {Shards of Light, Webway Dance} The Mask of Secrets

-Fast Attack-
Skyweavers (6) [13pl, 300pts] haywire cannons x6, zephyrglaives x5
Skyweavers (6) [13pl, 300pts] haywire cannons x6, zephyrglaives x5
Skyweavers (6) [13pl, 300pts] haywire cannons x6, zephyrglaives x5

Battalion Detachment 5CP (Harlequins) [47pl, 877pts]
Masque: Silent Shroud

Troupe Master [4pl, 83pts] fusion pistol, harlequin’s embrace
Troupe Master [4pl, 83pts] fusion pistol, harlequin’s embrace

Troupe (5) [5pl, 93pts] fusion pistols x2, harlequin’s caresses x2
Troupe (5) [5pl, 93pts] fusion pistols x2, harlequin’s caresses x2
Troupe (5) [5pl, 93pts] fusion pistols x2, harlequin’s caresses x2

Death Jester [3pl, 45pts]
Death Jester [3pl, 45pts]
Death Jester [3pl, 45pts]

-Dedicated Transports-
Starweaver [5pl, 99pts]
Starweaver [5pl, 99pts]
Starweaver [5pl, 99pts]

Auxiliary Support Detachment -1CP (Harlequins) [5pl, 98pts]
Masque: Midnight Sorrow

Solitaire [5pl, 98pts] Cegorach’s Rose

Made in it
Ladies Love the Vibro-Cannon Operator


Well, this is an ambitious list, rather difficult to play.
Assault with Harlies is difficult to pull off these days.

Former moderator 40kOnline

Lanchester's square law - please obey in list building!

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Fresh-Faced New User


I prefer Frozen star for SKyweavers
=> stratagem + masque
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Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

What is your plan for fighting Daemons? A list with 60 plaguebearers and some daemon princes behind them is quite common. The 3 most common lists are probably daemon soup like that, imperium soup with Knights, and eldar with flyers. Make sure you have a plan for all 3. I know what you'd do vs eldar flyers and imperium, but I don't know how your list would fare vs daemons.
Made in us
Grisly Ghost Ark Driver

The Eternity Gate

Against knights or other vehicle heavy armies like venom spam this list is quite good. I agree with the above poster that demons will eat you but rock paper scissors matchups are unfortunately how competitive is played as you cannot be good against everything.

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Been Around the Block

Pure Harlequins is ballsy, adding a hemlock or 2 would definitely complement the list, not to mention a mind war farseer, but I like it.

I think the solitaire could be key for you, if you can get him where he needs to go, IE killing important support characters. I've dropped bloodthirsters and princes with a blitzed solitaire more than once.

As already mentioned, hordes could be a problem, but at least you've still got 18 d6 shots to pump into something if there's no heavies around.

If you're set on pure harlies there's nothing major I'd change about the list, just watch out for anything immune to morale.
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Deadly Dire Avenger


Good luck m8 running a pure harlequins sure is challenging!

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