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Nocturna Models Kickstarter - N-Paint Acrylic Colors (From Coat D'Arms fame) and new models  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps


Launched yesterday. Looks like they're coming up with their own range of paints using HG Paints (from ancient Citadel and Coat D'Arms fame) as well as some new models:


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Mighty Gouge-Horn

Anor Londo

As much as I love Nocturna and would like to support them (despite some communications issues with them in the past!) I won't be pledging for this one, primarily due to shipping costs.

A long time ago I signed up to their mailing list, but have never received any emails from them. It seems that unless you follow them on social media you will be left in the dark about new releases and KSs.

I would have prolly pledged for one of the early birds had I been aware, 70mm Nocturna is beautiful and I could surely have found space for some more of their 30mm figures, not to mention a couple of the paint sets. The only negative was the free EB highlander, check out those tiny legs

However at this point its just cheaper for me to wait until they are available at retail. My experience with their previous KS tells me that I will be charged extra shipping for any add-ons that I order, regardless of weight, which again makes it cheaper to wait for retail.

Even their own online store offers free shipping for orders over 100 Euros, Why can't they do a similar deal for their kickstarters? It's very frustrating as I really do want to support them.

Made in au
Novice Knight Errant Pilot

Ipswich, Australia

Um, maybe it's just the photo...but what is going on with the arms and hands on the Sorcerer?

"All GW will gain is my increased contempt for their business practices." - AesSedai
"Its terrible the way that conversion kit is causing him to buy 2 GW kits... " - Mad4Minis
"GW are hard to parody, as they are sometimes so stupid that the best in comedy couldn't beat them at their own game..." - Paradigm

Made in gb
Mighty Gouge-Horn

Anor Londo

 Padre wrote:
Um, maybe it's just the photo...but what is going on with the arms and hands on the Sorcerer?

Yeah, it looks more than a bit odd. Not quite as weird as the Highlander's legs though!

Nocturna usually are associated with top class sculpting, I guess these two minis were done by trainee sculptors?
Made in gb
Creepy Crooligan


Check update guys. Looks like lots of free stuff in SG. And Highlander looks just cartoonish style to me. So nothing wrong with him in my opinion
Made in us
Krazy Grot Kutta Driva

Sorcerer has baby arms, one coming out of the shoulder and the other from the hip.
Made in gb
Creepy Crooligan


PourSpelur just wait they promise more photos of him.
Made in gb
Creepy Crooligan


Some crazy SG going there:
Nocturna 28mm is one of most beautiful mini in that scale for me. Real proportions so difficult to paint. But she is simple gorgeous . On top of that 30% in store. Damn Im hyped.
[Thumb - noc1.jpg]

[Thumb - noc2.jpg]

[Thumb - noc3.jpg]

[Thumb - noc4.jpg]

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Been Around the Block

Doesn't anyone actually release anything is this hobby by traditional means anymore?
Made in ca
Three Color Minimum

Obispudkenobi wrote:
Doesn't anyone actually release anything is this hobby by traditional means anymore?

Thank traditional.distribution companies for that.
It's virtually impossible for a small company to get regular distribution. Well, not impossible but expensive enough that small companies can't afford to sell at the discount distributors expect. And that's if your stuff is popular enough for them to even carry.

Kickstarter has allowed many smaller companies to flourish who couldn't afford or get distribution deals. Be grateful that gamers have so many options. Just 20 years ago we could only dream of this much variety.
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