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Sack of Flesh & Bones


Hello all,

Been away from painting for a little while but brought flying back in by the new Adeptus Titanticus models (and my brother).

I haven't got a background for this legion or any fluff. I just knew I wanted to paint "traitor" legions because screw the false-Emperor. Any thoughts or comments would be very appreciated!!

The current progress is below. Excuse the size of the photos - I haven't the slightest clue how to resize them once they are hosted. I'll spoiler most of them so it doesn't hurt your download data.

I was experimenting with the new Warhammer 'Gemstone' paints. I wanted to know whether they worked on large surfaces as well as the smaller ones that they were designed for. I knew that my traitor legion at this point would be uncorrupted and wanted the armour to reflect the bright majesty of their legion in glorious, radiant red. It hasn't worked exactly as I intended as it doesn't cover particularly well and dries a little clumpy (even when applied using very thin layers).

This is still very much a work in progress. There is a lot of touching-up and detailing necessary on the bodywork itself.


So, we will start from the beginning...

I bought these resin bases from an online Wargaming website (I cannot remember the name - but they were sold/marketed with AT in mind). As I don't build large armies and usually take months to finish single models, I wanted the base to stand out.

You'll also note the unpainted Epic Vindicator in the back which I picked up off eBay!

I decided the vehicles would be painted in a generic Ultramarine-esque blue so it was clear these were disgusting loyalists lines that were being pushed though. There are a couple of Epic Rhinos which are due to be added to the other base too!

Thank you for reading!
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